How To Turn On The PC Remotely

In this guide we will discover how to turn on any PC remotely, we can turn it on with any device in our possession that it is Android, iOS, Windows, etc. ..

How to turn on the PC remotely
How to turn on the PC remotely

We turn on the PC remotely

The process seems complex but it will take less than 5 minutes to configure the computer when it is turned on remotely.


First we need to prepare the computer to receive input to be woken up, to do so we should follow simple steps.

In some cases the settings that we are going to see are already active, for security anyway check the steps.

The functionality we’re going to use to turn on the computer is called Wake On Lan , and is now present in any computer but we’ll have to enable it.

How to enable Wake On Lan

The requirement to enable this works on your computer is only one:


This is because the awakening feature via Wake On Lan is not supported by the wireless network, unfortunately.

If your network card is dated and does not have this option try updating it with the latest drivers available.


We see all the steps one by one:

  1. Search and open device manager
  2. Now double click on  the network card
  3. And right click on  Realtek PCIe  (your network card is not called so) and then on  properties
  4. Here click on  energy savings  and activate all options (the last one is optional)
  5. Now always from the same screen click on  advanced
  6. Here enable all the  wake on lan (WOL) options  (in the picture they are the last 3) and if present also the magic packet option  for reactivation

The network card is now ready, configured to receive the network packet that will allow the computer to switch on remotely.

Turn on the PC from the same network

Now the computer can switch on remotely but only in the same network, to do this we will use a simple app.


  1. Download Wake On Lan  on Android
  2. Click on the bottom + on the right
  3. Select the computer (you recognize it because it is usually called DESKTOP)
    PS. If you don’t know what your PC is, follow the next step to find out its IP address
  4. Now you just click on it to wake it up

The concept is the same for  Iphone  or  iPad  , you can use this application.

However, there are some steps to be able to wake him up when we are out of the house , let’s see how.

IP and MAC address retrieval

We need to retrieve the PC’s IP and MAC address, without them we don’t have the data to send our package.

Even this step is not difficult.

  1. Search for  cmd  and open it
  2. Here now type: ipconfig / all  and then enter
  3. Save the address that appears in the  physical address  and also store the local ip address.

To retrieve the public IP address instead you just go to this site , and copy the address that is shown.

Door release 9

The last step concerns  port forwarding  in order to forward our packets to port 9, the operation must be done on our modem / router.

IMPORTANT:  To work you must properly enable the ports as indicated in this step, check well online how to do on your modem. In some cases the Wake On Lan service is integrated in modems / routers like in the Fritz! and you can directly use their service remotely.

Access the modem settings (usually just type or read the modem below).

Here then look for  port forwarding,  configured as in the photo below (example photo, each modem has a different graphic):

Select  UDP protocol, port 9  and enter the IP address and enter the Local IP address as an IP address, even a random one for your network ( example: ).

You don’t have to enter the public IP address but a local one, it is indicated along with the physical address in the above step.

Final step, turn on the PC

Now we have everything ready and configured to access our computer remotely.

We can do this from any device, because we use a website.

  1. Open wakeonlan
  2. Scroll down to find this screen
  3. Fill it in with your data by entering MAC and Public IP address and then click on  wake up my pc!

After a few seconds the computer will turn on, if it does not go to the first shot try again I happened to myself that on the second attempt the PC turned on.

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