How To Use A Virtual Background In Zoom

Use a Virtual Background in Zoom: The video conference application feature lets you use images and videos as a background without needing a green screen. Check out how to use it!

How to Use a Virtual Background in Zoom
How to Use a Virtual Background in Zoom

How to Use a Virtual Background in Zoom

Applications for video conferencing have been quite high, which, of course, eliminates the risks of contagion. In turn, one of the programs that ended up receiving many new users was Zoom, which was even evaluated in the digital laboratory this March.

With several interesting features and functions, one that draws the most attention in Zoom is the possibility to use a different background for your call, which can make it a little more fun. Next, here’s how to change the background on a Zoom call.

How to change the Zoom wallpaper on the computer

The feature mentioned above is available in the Zoom application for both computers and mobile phones. First, check out how the process is done on the computer:

1. Open the Zoom application normally and click on your profile icon;

2. In the open menu, enter “Settings”;

3. In the new window, on the left menu, click on “Virtual Background”;

4. select a virtual wallpaper in the part that opened on the right side of the screen. If you prefer, by clicking on the “+” icon, you can also use your own image or video, which means that you can customize your background with your own collection;

5. If you have selected one of the options already available, click on “Download” in the message that appears.

From that moment on, every call you make with Zoom will default to this image or video as the background. If you need to remove it, you will need to follow the same step-by-step described above, but use the option “None” for the background.

How to change the Zoom wallpaper on iPhone

The process to change the background on the cell phone is very simple, just like on the PC, except that the path is a little different and needs to be activated within the call itself.

Although Zoom has versions for Android and iOS (iPhone system), this feature is worth noting only available from the iPhone 8 and the fifth / sixth-generation iPad and the iPad Pro. Below, follow the step by step to this platform:

1. Open the Zoom application as usual and start a “New meeting”;

2. Touch anywhere on the screen and then touch the icon represented by “three dots”;

3. Now, click on the “Virtual background” button and select the option that suits you best.

Now, we feel that you know how to use a virtual background in Zoom to make your calls more fun or even more elegant.

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