How To Use Spell Checker: Complete Guide

Spell Checker: How many times have you written a message or post on social networks, only to regret it because it is chock full of spelling and grammatical errors ? These kinds of mistakes can happen to anyone, even out of sheer carelessness, but they are no less embarrassing for this.

How to Use Spell Checker: Complete Guide
How to Use Spell Checker: Complete Guide

How to Use Spell checker: Complete Guide

To distinguish yourself from the mass of users who write “belly” without ever re-reading or checking if everything is written correctly, you can use a very comfortable  spelling checker among those suggested in this article . These handy tools analyze the text, indicating where there are any errors and also indicating what is wrong and how to correct it.

Important is only not to confuse one word with another, for example if you wrongly write ” home ” instead of ” chance ” you will not find any corrector that can help you, as both words are correct! Always try to reread the content you are about to publish even after checking with the online correctors, because the simplest errors are often the most difficult to notice.

The different types of errors

Below is a brief explanation of some mistakes that can be made:

  • Grammatical error : grammar means precisely the art of speaking and writing correctly. This is divided into three basic sections, which are: phonetics, morphology and syntax. Spelling, lexical and semantic errors are not part of it.
  • Spelling mistake : indicates a correct way of writing. It includes a set of rules to be respected in order to write well. Specifically, it refers to the right way to use consonants, uppercase, lowercase letters, right accentuation and more.
  • Lexical error : occurs when we use an inappropriate or improperly or distorted word, such as the use of one word instead of another or the invention of non-existent words.
  • Syntactic error : it is committed when there is an incorrect or functional concatenation of the parts of the speech (to better understand the logical analysis: subject, predicate and various complements). It also includes the failure to use articles and prepositions.
  • Semantic error : refers to the meaning of words and is committed when when you say one thing for another. For example, when we use a word that has a meaning that does not reflect what we actually think it means.

Without this due explanation we now turn to the different spell checkers available.

Online Spell Checker

In this paragraph we will show you the best online services, starting from what we consider the best spelling checker in Italy  and beyond (also English, Spanish, German and other 23 different languages):

The first site we recommend you use as an online spelling checker is  LanguageTool. To use the site, simply write or paste the text you intend to use; grammatical and spelling errors will be immediately highlighted, so that they can be corrected immediately.

The service is free for the first 20,000 characters to be checked, then a subscription is required in order to continue using it. For those who want even more integrated control, you can download the extension for Google Chrome from the following link.

Google Chrome extension  LanguageTool

An alternative site to the previous ones, even if a little full of advertising is  Prepostseo. In addition to allowing you to check for spelling errors on a text, Prepostseo also allows you to upload a text file to be checked. Compatible text file types are .doc, .docx, .pdf, and .txt. To check the text, simply click on the ” Check grammar ” button at the bottom to highlight the errors to be corrected.

In addition to the Italian language, there are 27 other languages, which allows you to correct spelling errors also in foreign languages ​​and the possibility through ” Auto-detect ” to automatically understand the language of the inserted text.

Spell checker for Chrome browser

On modern browsers a good spelling checker is integrated, which often uses the Internet connection to improve the accuracy of the results. On Google Chrome, you can activate the spelling checker by right-clicking on any text field, reaching the ” Check spelling ” menu and activating the item ” Check spelling in text fields “.

Always remember to make sure that the Italian language is selected for the correction. For more accurate control you can also activate the item ” Ask Google for suggestions ” when available.

For the Firefox browser instead, open the settings menu that you find at the top right represented by three horizontal lines one above the other. Then click on ” Options ” and in the ” General ” tab you will find scrolling down the ” Language ” section where you will have to tick the ” Spell checker while typing ” item.

Spell checker on Word and other Office programs

To perform a spelling and grammar check on word in the file, just press ” F7 ” or go to the ” Revision ” tab on the ribbon, by clicking on ” Check spelling ” or ” Check spelling and grammar “.

If the application detects spelling errors, a dialog box appears with the first misspelled word that was detected by the spelling checker.

You can fix the spelling mistake either by editing it or ignoring it or by adding the word to the dictionary.

Android spell checker

On Android smartphones, practically any keyboard integrates spell checking. To activate it, simply go to the settings of the same, looking for the menu item ” System ” and inside it “Language and input”. Within this menu, select the type of keyboard in use, in our case ” Gboard “.

If you do not use any type of third-party keyboard, you can find the enabling of the spelling correction in ” Other input method settings “. Not for all Android smartphones, these paths are the same, as there are various Android customizations adopted by each manufacturer.

If you use Gboard inside its menu you will find the ” Text Correction ” and then ” Spell Check “. By enabling the latter, you will be notified of misspelled words while typing.

IOS spell checker

On iOS devices such as the iPhone the spelling checker is integrated into the standard keyboard, you just have to be careful to activate it in the settings of the same (Settings -> General -> Keyboard and activate the item ” Check spelling “)

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