How To Use The Google Translation Offline

Google translation can be used without an Internet connection. The application allows you to download data from a language to your smartphone and therefore to do translations offline.

How To Use The Google Translation Offline

This can be particularly useful in situations where you find yourself without a connection and want to have a sentence or text translated. In this tutorial we will see how to use Google Translate offline.

There is no problem usingGoogle Translateas long as you are constantly connected to the Internet. But as a precaution, you can download the data module for a specific language forofflineuse in case you do not have the Internet, which can happen when you are traveling abroad. It is also the context in which translations are most needed.

How to use Google Translation offline

It won’t do much good to download many languages ​​to your smartphone. You will also end up hitting the limit imposed by your storage memory since the modules can weigh quite heavy. If you are going on a trip, connect to a WiFi network to download the necessary language data:

    • Open Google Translate on your smartphone
    • Press the three horizontal lines at the top left to access theMenu
    • TapOffline Translation
    • You have a list of languages ​​displayed. Download the one (s) you deem useful by pressingthe icon with an arrow
  • How to Use the Google Translation Offline
    • When you use it for the first time, Google Traduction generally suggests that you download the data from English in addition to French, which is already available by default.

Once the languages ​​are downloaded, you can translate text easily and offline. Don’t forget to come back to the same page to update regularly to take advantage of improvements made by Google in terms of the quality of translations.

And finally, in case you no longer need a language and want to clean up to free up storage space, you can come back and press the trash can icon next to the downloaded modules to delete them.

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