iDEAL vs. Credit Cards for Australian Online Slot Payments

In Australian online slots, there is always a variety of payment methods that players can choose from to deposit and withdraw money. Two of the most popular methods are iDEAL, a digital wallet, and good old-fashioned credit cards.

iDEAL vs. Credit Cards for Australian Online Slot Payments

iDEAL vs. Credit Cards for Australian Online Slot Payments

Let’s break down the difference between these payment methods, why users prefer them, and what the future of payment in online slots may look like.

iDEAL vs. Credit Card Payments

Credit cards are one of the most popular payment methods, both in online slots and in the real world. When using a credit card for online slots, players will need to enter all their details to pay.

Major online casinos will accept all credit cards, providing players with a secure and safe transaction process. Bear in mind that some credit cards will see gambling as a cash advance, so users may be charged additional fees.

iDEAL is a digital wallet/e-commerce payment method that allows users to pay for things online directly through their bank. It’s a secure, fast, and reliable way to pay without having to manually enter any details.

iDEAL was developed to remove the need for people to have credit cards. Payment through iDEAL is instant, so after a few authentication steps, players are good to go.

User Preference

Credit cards are, and always have been, the most popular payment method in online slots. This is arguably due to their popularity in Australia, with over 75% of online payments being made through credit cards. Credit cards are simple, convenient, and widely accessible, which makes them one of the preferred payment methods in online slots.

iDEAL is popular in the Netherlands and is quickly making its mark on the rest of the world. Australian casinos are seeing an influx in iDEAL being introduced as a payment method, giving players a wider range of secure ways to pay. iDEAL had over 890 million payments in the Netherlands in 2020 and should be making a substantial international impact in online slots this year.

Future Trends of Payment Methods

The rate at which payment methods have been growing is so impressive, leading us to believe that we’ll undoubtedly continue to see new ways that players can pay for online slots. With digital wallets becoming increasingly popular, it’s sure we’ll see an influx of those.

Additionally, many platforms have started to introduce Bitcoin and other variations of cryptocurrency as a payment method. In fact, there are already a few Bitcoin-only online slots that are being introduced to the market.

In order to keep online slots accessible, it’s unlikely they’ll ever solely switch to digital wallets and cryptocurrency payment methods, but credit cards may become a more unpopular choice. Players can explore best-paying casino slot games and use whichever payment method suits their needs.


Payment methods in online slots will always be up to user preference, but we’re certainly seeing an increase in digital wallets and cryptocurrency becoming popular options.

Digital wallets like iDEAL give users a fast, safe, and modern way to deposit and withdraw funds. Credit cards still take the top spot, but we may see a decrease in the use of them in the future.

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