How to Improve Business Decisions Through the Use of Artificial Intelligence?

Years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) went from being a mere idea in futuristic movies to playing a leading role in today’s society. Its applications have stood out in multiple sectors, from health and education, to entertainment and finance. However, in the business field there is still unexplored ground.

How to improve business decisions through the use of artificial intelligence?

How to improve business decisions through the use of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence for big data analysis

One of the benefits that AI provides to businesses is its application for data analysis. The ability to extract valuable insights from a large volume of information is vital for strategic decision making, although it is not always easy due to the accelerated pace at which data grows.

It is impossible for the human eye to process such an amount of data, but AI makes sense of it, categorizes it by level of usefulness, and identifies patterns among it. With artificial intelligence applied to big data it is possible:

1. Detect deviations or fraud:AI highlights anomalies or unusual behavior that could indicate fraud, security intrusions or operational problems. This is crucial to maintaining the integrity of systems and processes.

2. Determine future probabilities:Through pattern recognition of historical data, AI can predict future events or trends. This is especially valuable in areas such as agriculture (where it is important to know the climate in advance) and in areas such as financial analysis, health or logistics, as it guides in making preventive or preparatory decisions.

3. Recognize patterns:Big data contains massive amounts of information that are difficult to analyze manually. AI can identify subtle and complex patterns in these data sets, allowing actionable insights to be extracted.

Data visualization with artificial intelligence

Another important benefit of applying AI in data analysis is visualization. Through the use of AI algorithms and techniques, graphical representations can be created for better interpretation of complex data sets. AI can be used to improve data visualization by:

  • Automated chart selection.
  • Automatic grouping and labeling.
  • Automated generation of visual reports.
  • Multidimensional visualization.
  • Animation of temporary visualizations.
  • Display customization.

This is how the combination of artificial intelligence and data visualization offers the opportunity to transform complex data into meaningful and understandable information, which in addition improves business decisions by providing accurate and data-driven information, forecasting future trends, automating processes and optimizing strategies in various areas.

What should you do to apply artificial intelligence to your data?

According to a recent Gartner study, by 2026, 70% of companies that successfully apply observability tools such as artificial intelligence will achieve shorter latency for decision-making.

This constitutes a competitive advantage, as well as greater profitability, for businesses that decide to build a solid foundation for strategic planning.

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