How to Increase the Wi-Fi Signal In Your Home

If the Wi-Fi signal does not reach all the rooms in your home, it is time to learnhow to increase Wi-Fi coverage. Getting the best coverage will depend, to a large extent, on the place where the router is located and the use ofWi-Fi repeaters.

How to Increase the Wi-Fi Signal in Your Home

How to Increase the Wi-Fi Signal in Your Home

It is increasingly necessary to have good Wi-Fi coverage. Especially if you telework, study remotely or simply want to have good Internet coverage at home. Therefore, we bring you some tips toamplify the Wi-Fi signal of your


Is it a simple process? The answer is yes. You just have to keep in mind that this process will depend, to a large extent, on three basicfactors:

  • The location of the router.
  • The router model.
  • The use of repeaters or Wi-Fi amplifiers.

Location of the Router or Router

It seems like a trifle and, in most cases, it is unimportant, but knowingwhere to place the routeris key to improving the Wi-Fi signal in your home. In this way, you make sure that the coverage is distributed well between the rooms, living room, kitchen and bathrooms.

The Wifi signal travels inconcentric waves, so if you place it in the most central place in your house, the coverage will expand better.

So, the first trick to improve the Wi-Fi signal isto place the router inthe most central point of the houseand, if possible, in thecenter of the roomor room where it is located. Placing it in a corner, next to the wall or others would cause signal emission deterioration.

Another recommendation is to place the router in ahigh or elevated place, as high as possible and that is clear of objects. Last but not least, place the router in the place where you are going to be the longest or from where you telework.

Buy a better router

Another reason why the Wi-Fi signal does not reach most remote rooms is due to the router provided by your provider. If the router provided by your company is mediocre or inefficient, a good alternative isto buy a much more advanced router. With this, you will be able to improve network coverage and amplify the Wi-Fi signal.

If this is the chosen option, we recommend that you buy a router that incorporates the WiFi AC standard, which includes two bands: the traditional 2GHz WiFi band and the less saturated 5GHz frequency.

Use Wifi repeaters

The third option to increase the Wi-Fi signal in your home is to purchase aWi-Fi repeater or amplifier. Without a doubt, it is the favorite option of thousands of users. In addition, the offer in the electronics market is unlimited and you will be able to find models that have an excellent valuefor money.

Many Internet providers offer their users the possibility of extending the signal if it is deficient or limited. This installation can be free or carry a small commission. The best thing, before buying a Wi-Fi signal booster, is to check with your Internet provider if it is possible to install a Wi-Fi booster atzero cost.

What is a Wifi repeater?

In very basic terms, a Wifi repeater is a device thatcopies the router’s Wifi and expands it to increase network coverage. With this option, you are literally guaranteed to be able to browse the Internet from any room in your home, even from the furthest room or from outdoors. Of course, it is more than recommended for those who telework or study remotely.

Before buying a Wifi repeater

Being the favorite choice of many users – and ours – , we have compiled a list with the five most demandedWifi amplifierson Amazon. But first, let’s see whatbasic features a Wifi repeater must haveto be considered a good purchase:

1. The frequency: If your router supports 5GHz bands, buy an amplifier that supports these bands.

2. Coverage: when reading the characteristics of the amplifier you will find that some detail the approximate range of coverage of the device. Acquire one depending on the place where you intend to install it. The greater the distance, the greater the range of coverage the amplifier must have. Something very common in the best Wi-Fi amplifiers is that they have antennas. The more antennas the amplifier has, the greater coverage it will have.

3. The transmission speed: This is a very important aspect to take into account: the maximum transmission speed. Make sure the Wifi extender reaches at least the maximum transmission speed of your router. We recommend you purchase a Wifi amplifier that supports networks up to 5GHz.

4. The number of connected devices. Because in a house there will be yes or yes more than one device connected simultaneously. Acquire a model that can manage a high number of devices.

5. Security. The last feature to take into account is that the repeater offers a stable level of security and that it is compatible with that of your router. The most common security model is WPA + AES.

Now, let’s look atfive fantastic modelsof wifi repeaters that you can find on Amazon with excellent valuefor money.

Recommended Wifi repeaters

1. TP -Link RE190 AC750. With more than 26 thousand reviews, it is one of Amazon’s most demanded Wi-Fi network repeaters. With this repeater, you can reach maximum speeds of up to 750Mbps in your home Wi-Fi connection. It is easy to configure and compatible with Wi-Fi 5 networks.

2. Netgear EX3800. This model has a double adjustable antenna, WPS button for quick configuration, Ethernet port and Wifi 5 (browses at speeds of up to 750Mbps).

3. AVM Fritz! Repeater 1200. With this AVM repeater, you can navigate at speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps thanks to its Wifi 5. It is quick to configure and has an Ethernet port. interface in Spanish.

4. TP-Link RE450. The Amazon’s Choiceof the moment is a Wifi repeater with three external antennas and universal dual band. It is compatible with Ethernet cable and compatible with any Wifi router.

5.TP -Link RE365 AC1200. Deal of the day on Amazon. It is a compact Wifi repeater, smart signal and foldable antenna. It is capable of providing a speed of up to 1200 Mbps.

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