10 Proven Ways to Increase Your Motivation to Study

Being a student, you might feel overpowered with mountains of study assignments. Paying attention to each subject requires a lot of energy and concentration.

10 Proven Ways to Increase Your Motivation to Study
10 Proven Ways to Increase Your Motivation to Study

Unfortunately, students of the present time face a lack of motivation when they try to complete academic tasks. There are so many distractions around, time is running out, the book in your hands is uninteresting, and fear of failure is killing.

How can you motivate yourself to study under such conditions?

Don’t be depressed. There’s always a workable solution to every problem you face in life. Remember, there’s no shortcut to success. You will have to put in efforts to make things work favorably.

In this article, you will explore some of the most exceptional ways that you can adopt to increase your study motivation.

Set Study Objectives

Setting study goals is constructive to bring your chaotic study patterns on track. You are not supposed to achieve academic milestones without having objectives in mind.

You can set both short-term and long-term goals. For instance, the main goal could be to pass your final exams with good marks. You will have to achieve daily, weekly, and monthly goals to hit that breakthrough.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the idea of setting goals. The objectives you set should be feasible to achieve. Clearly mention things that you want to achieve to make your educational career bright and successful. Remember, students who follow sequenced study patterns don’t feel under pressure even in the examination hall.

Walk and Exercise

Have you ever thought that exercise and walking can give rise to study motivation? Research has proved that students who go for a morning walk show better results in their academics. Likewise, the ones who work out regularly develop high-level learning abilities.

Being motivated to study doesn’t mean you should stay focused on books for several hours without taking a break. Constant focus can make you feel dull.

Taking a break and going for a walk can allow your brain to work proactively. According to health experts, students should follow a good health pattern to perform well in their studies.

Exercise is of key significance to maintain good physical and mental health. You can’t be motivated if you feel exhausted and depressed. Studies have shown that regular exercise develops endorphins, which is a chemical to increase motivation and enhance your mood.

Spending at least half an hour outside will also help your body absorb Vitamin D. Eventually, you will feel empowered to continue your studies with great passion.

Stop Multitasking

One of the biggest mistakes that students make nowadays is to focus on multiple things simultaneously. They try to work smartly by completing more than a few tasks at a time.

However, it brings no benefits to your study cycle. In most cases, students get distracted and can’t complete even a single task efficiently.

You are strongly recommended to pick just one thing and work on it until its successful completion. Don’t leave it in the middle of the way and switch to another task even if you feel tired.

It’s the human psyche that we need a change when something makes us feel bored. However, you should not follow your emotions if you want to achieve something big as a student.

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Create a checklist of tasks that you have to complete. Now, start working on them one by one. Write down easy tasks at the top so that you feel encouraged after completing them easily.

This will foster a positive attitude to take on difficult tasks. Remember, your brain can work exponentially well if your focus is on a single objective.

Follow Parkinson’s Law

Parkinson’s law says that the work is expanded to cover the time allowed for its achievement. In other words, if you are given 2 hours to do a specific task you then will allow yourself two hours to finish that task.

In another instance, you will be able to do the same task in one hour if the amount of time is half decreased.
Students take advantage of time and put their tasks pending for later times.

This is not a healthy practice. This sort of attitude will put you under a lot of stress near the examination. Divide your course outline so that you can do a little every day without being overwhelmed with piles of study assignments. In short, try to stop your unproductive habits of procrastination.

Discuss Your Study Plan

You are most likely to procrastinate when you make study commitments to yourself. However, things get changed when you discuss your study plan with a classmate or friend.

Tell them about your commitments so that you can hold yourself accountable if the set goal is not achieved promptly.

Sometimes we don’t want ourselves to feel embarrassed or ashamed in front of others. That’s why we try our best to complete our assignments efficiently.

Ask your classmate to stay in touch and ask about the progress of the study plan that you had discussed with them. Schedule a daily meeting to talk about what has been completed and what’s still pending.

Make a Daily Schedule and Stick to it

Everyone has a routine to follow. Being a student, your life should also be organized. Find a suitable time to study and don’t budge even an inch from it.

For instance, you can dedicate just 2 hours to your education. Try to schedule a time at night because many people are free at night. A two-hour study before going to bed can help you understand core concepts deeply.

You might feel slightly uncomfortable at the beginning, but your mind should get used to it after some time. Two hours well spent on your study will motivate you for the next day’s schedule. It’s a great source of inspiration if you currently follow a disordered study pattern.

Clean Your Study Table

The human mind doesn’t focus when the workspace is not clean or neutral. You can’t motivate yourself to study if the table is full of irrelevant stuff. Make sure your study table doesn’t have anything that makes you feel distracted.

If you are studying a book and a laptop is turned on next to you, then chances are that your attention will be diverted. You may start browsing the internet, check social media updates, or start watching YouTube videos without a reason.

Say no more to distractions and only keep things that you need for study purposes. If you don’t need the internet, just turn off your computer. Turn it on only when you need to find information relevant to your subject.

Furthermore, make sure there’s no trash around. Cleanliness is vital to achieving peace of mind and a sense of great motivation.

Treat Yourself

Don’t forget to give yourself a big pat on the back on the successful accomplishment of short and long-term goals. Take a five-minute break and eat your favorite snack.

Go to the kitchen, open the refrigerator, and drink your favorite beverages. Small tokens of appreciation can work as great motivation.

Every person has different choices and preferences. Treat yourself with a kind of stuff that makes you feel great. Self-enjoyment is important to keep your mind in a good mood. Remember, a happy attitude fosters greater motivation.

Stay Optimistic

Studying is not a fun activity for students. Some take deep interest while others just want to pass their exams. There could be instances when you try to focus on a subject but feel pessimistic due to the boring nature of the topic. Don’t let negativity overcome your spirits.

Tell yourself to think optimistically regardless of your subject’s difficulty level. Think about chapters that you have completed. Remember the happy moments when your efforts got acknowledged by professors.

There could be a hundred ways that can help you come out of negative feelings. Staying positive in life and believing in yourself can shake the mountains.

Therefore, never let embarrassment and pessimism bother your good mood and a positive mindset. You will have to practice these things to maintain a high level of motivation.

Foster Group Study

If studying alone doesn’t work for you, group studying can be a wonderful source of inspiration. You might not be able to understand specific concepts and need assistance from classmates.

Studying in a group helps students to share their ideas on a specific subject. In this way, they can educate each other and form a cooperative study environment.

Motivation is the key to success. If you want to score good marks in exams, then being highly encouraged to learn your subjects is crucial. You can motivate yourself to study by following the aforementioned true and tried practices.

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