How to Insert a Digital Signature in PDF?

For a document to be valid, it must have our authentication. In this way, we certify that it is valid and that the information there is true. This is why it is very important to know how toinsert a digital signature in PDF.

Insert a Digital Signature in PDF
Insert a Digital Signature in PDF

Today, the vast majority of documents or files that are sent by email require that they be in PDF. This is because this format is unalterable, which generates confidence from both the sender and the receiver.

If you still don’t knowhow to insert a digital signature in PDF, don’t worry, we’ll tell you how. You just have to pay attention to the tutorial with images included that we will leave you below.

Tutorial to insert a Digital Signature in PDF

It is likely that if you have come this far, you will find that it is necessary to sign a document digitally to send it by mail. It is not a complex question and it will take you less than 10 minutes.

Pay attention to this step-by-step tutorial so that you cansuccessfully insert a digital signature in a PDF filethat you need to send by mail.

First Step: Create the Digital Signature

The first thing you should do is look for the Tools tab in the document that we want to sign. Thenwe locate the option that says “Certificates”.

An additional toolbar will automatically be displayed in the PDF file, thereyou must select the option “Digitally Sign”.

Second Step: Insert the Digital Signature

When selecting this option, a window will be displayed, there you must proceed toselect “Drag new signature rectangle”. This will allow you to use your computer mouse to choose where your rubric should go.

After that, another new window will open where you must choose the digital signature that you want to place on the document.Once ready, select the “Sign” option.

Third Step: Save and Validate the Signature

To finish this process, we will be asked to save the file in the place we want. In this way,a new file will be created with our digital signature on it.

It is important to mention that after saving the document, it is possible to seea windowin itthat says “Signed and all signatures are valid.In this way, we know that our document has a valid signature and ready to send by email.

Questions and answers

For many, this results in a new process, so in principle it could be difficult to understand or open the door to many doubts. This procedure became very common as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, which brought with it mobility restrictions.

This process is here to stay, for this reason, thinking of you we have decided to answer themost common questions about inserting a digital signature in PDF.

What are the advantages of signing documents digitally?

As we let you see at the beginning of this section, itis a procedure that was born from the need to make the processes faster.No need for people to attend crowded places.

However, this is not the only benefit that comes with signing documents digitally. Here are some of the advantages that this process brings:

  1. Cost Reduction:Not only will you avoid moving to a place to sign, you also save a lot on paper and printing.
  2. Elimination of the use of paper:In addition to being friendly to the environment, paperwork and storage of sheets that will eventually become waste is reduced.
  3. Security:Although many doubt it, signing documents digitally is very safe. This is because under the PDF format, the files cannot be modified.
  4. Save time:This process does not take 10 minutes and you can do it from the comfort of your home. In other circumstances, you would probably waste an entire morning doing this simple procedure.

Is sending a PDF document with a digital signature legal?

More and more institutions are joining this wave of digitizing processes. Making common the fact of signing documents digitally so that they are sent by mail.

This has opened the window to havefull confidence in digital signatures making them legal. As more institutions validate this process, there are many advantages that can be obtained.

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