How to Install and Activate Maple 18 on Windows 10,8,7

If you need a software to solve math problems, then Maple is one of the best solutions. Maple is a software designed to help users solve every math problem. This application can be used to analyze, explore, visualize, and solve math problems.

Based on information from  Wikipedia, this Maple application was first developed by the Symbolic Computation Group at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The beginning of this development was in 1980 for the purposes of mathematics, statistics and algebraic computation.

How to Install and Activate Maple 18 on Windows 10,8,7
How to Install and Activate Maple 18 on Windows 10,8,7

How to Install and Activate Maple 18 on Windows 10,8,7

Maple is very widely used to help implement mathematics learning using software. This use will very often be found in study programs that study mathematics, especially computational mathematics and algebra.

For example, in mathematics, statistics, and other fields of science. But unfortunately, there are still many who want to use this software but don’t know how to install it.

How to Install Maple 18 on a Windows Computer

Like other software, the Maple application also makes changes from time to time. Therefore Maple also has many versions that can be used. One version of Maple that is widely used today is Maple 18.

If you want to install Maple 18 software or applications on the PC Desktop or Laptop you are using, you have to make preparations first.

An important preparation that must be done is to ensure that you already have the Maple 18 master installer. The Maple 18 master installer must also match the Windows bit installed on the Laptop or Desktop PC used.

Therefore, please check the Windows bit installed on your laptop or desktop PC then adjust it to the Maple 18 master bit you have. If your Windows is 32 bit, then you must also install Maple 18 32 bit. Likewise, if your Windows is 64 bit, then you have to install Maple 18 64 bit.

However, if you don’t have a Maple 18 master installer at all, then please download it first. You can download the Maple 18 master bit according to your Windows Laptop via the following link.

  • Click here to download Maple 18 32 bit, for Windows 32 bit.
  • Click here to download Maple 18 64 bit, for Windows 64 bit.

If you already have the Maple 18 master installer file, then the installation process can be done. Please follow the steps below which are how to install Maple 18 on the Laptop or Desktop PC that you are using.

The first step is to please extract the Maple 18 master file that you downloaded. Then in the extracted Maple 18 folder, please run as administrator ( Run as administrator ) the Maple18WindowsX64Installer file (for Windows 64 bit) or Maple18WindowsX86Installer (for Windows 32 bit). Then, in the User Account Control window , click Yes to run the installer as Administrator.

In the first Setup window, please click Next to proceed to the next step.

Then, in the License Agreement window, please click I accept the agreement . After that, click Next to continue to the next stage.

In the Installation Directory window you can choose the location where Maple 18 will be installed. However, if you still have enough free space on the C partition of your laptop (1.4 GB), it is advisable not to change it.

However, if it turns out that the available free space is lacking, then please select another partition such as partitions D, E, or others. Then, click Next to continue to the next stage.

Then, in the Install Desktop Shortcut window, please select whether you want to create a Maple 18 shortcut on the Desktop or not. If you want the Maple 18 icon to appear on the Desktop, then please select Yes. However, if you do not need the shortcut, then please select No. When finished, please click Next to continue.

In the Choose the Type of Licensing window, leave it on the Single User License option. So, just click Next to continue to the next stage.

Then in the Check for Updates window, please uncheck the checkbox Enable periodic checking for Maple 18 updates after installation and Check for updates now.

Both of these ticks are removed because there is no need to update on Maple 18, either during the install process or afterwards. When finished, please click Next to go to the next stage.

In the Pre-Installation Summary window you will be given information on where Maple 18 will be installed, the storage it needs, and the free space on your partition. You don’t need to make any changes, unless the  Free Disk Space is less than Required Disk Space.

If this happens, then please click  Back and return to the Installation Directory window  and select the partition that has more free space than  Required Disk Space. But, if there are no problems then please just click Next to continue.

After that, the process of installing Maple 18 on your Windows Desktop or Laptop PC will take place. This process will take about 10 minutes, but it can be longer or shorter depending on the specifications of the laptop used.

When it’s finished, please uncheck the Activate Maple 18 checkbox now because activation will not be carried out online, but offline. After that, click Finish to close the Maple 18 Setup window.

After you install Maple 18 using the steps above, you cannot use it immediately. You must first activate offline.

How to Activate Maple 18 Offline

After you install Maple 18 software on a Windows computer, it is necessary to activate it so that it can be used. The activation that will be carried out is offline using the activation file that was included in the master file that you previously downloaded. To be clearer, please follow the steps below to activate Maple 18 offline.

The first step is to re-open the folder extracted from the Maple 18 master installer. In that folder you will find the two files required for offline activation of Maple 18, namely license.dat and maple.dll.

Please copy the license.dat file to the license folder  located in the Maple 18 installation folder. If you do not change the install directory during the Maple 18 installation process, then the folder location is in Partition C> Program Files> Maple 18> license.

Please paste the license.dat file that you copied in the license folder . If the Destination Folder Access Denied window appears , please click Continue to give permission to copy to that folder.

Then, please go back again to open the folder extracted from the Maple 18 master installer file.In that folder, please copy the maple.dll file to the bin.X86_64_WINDOWS folder (for Maple 18 64 bit) or the folder (for Maple 18 32 bit) contained on the Maple 18 installation folder.

Same as above, if you don’t change the install directory during the Maple 18 installation process, then the folder location is in Partition C> Program Files> Maple 18> bin.X86_64_WINDOWS on Maple 18 64 bit.

Or, if you installed Maple 18 32 bit, then the folder location is Partition C> Program Files> Maple 18> . Please paste the file maple.dll in the folder or bin.X86_64_WINDOWS it.

In the Replace or Skip Files window that appears, please click Replace the file in the destination to overwrite the existing file. Then, click Continue on the Destination Folder Access Denied window to allow the copying process to that folder.

When it’s finished, the offline Maple 18 activation process is complete. You can already open Maple 18 either via a shortcut on the Desktop or via the start menu. Now you can use it to help solve math problems and help complete college assignments.

That’s how you can install and activate Maple 18 offline that you can easily do. The method above can be done on all editions of Windows, both on Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, and Windows 10. What you need to pay attention to is that it must match the Windows bit with the Maple 18 bit that is installed.

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