How To Install And Configure Amazon Echo Speaker

If you have an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Spot connected speaker, it’s high time to plug it in and configure it! Follow this quick guide to learn all about the procedure, where to install it, and how to connect your other connected objects via bluetooth, or via Skills.

How To Install And Configure Amazon Echo Speaker

Have you just received an Amazon Echo connected speaker? Have you just plugged it in and are a bit lost? We propose to guide you step by step to configure your Echo and launch your first orders to Alexa.

How to Install and Configure Amazon Echo Speaker?

The first thing to do when you have just unpacked your Amazon Echo is to find an optimal location for it in a room in your house. The range of the speaker’s seven microphones is relatively large, but Alexa is less likely to make fewer mistakes when you’re around it.

So choose a place near which you will be most likely to use it: sideboard next to the sofa, in front of the TV, in the kitchen … Once the problem of the location is solved, connect the speaker with the adapter provided.

The light circle above the enclosure should then be orange, like here:

If not, you can press and hold the button • above the speaker for 5 seconds. The rest of the setup is a breeze. On your smartphone:

    • Install the Amazon Alexa app from the Google Play Storeor the App Store
    • Once connected with your Amazon account, go to the gear icon in the bottom right
    • TapSET UP A NEW DEVICEand follow the wizard

On a screen, the application will ask you to connect to the WiFi network of your Echo. You must then connect to a network containing Amazon in its SSID, as if you were looking to connect to the internet. Then return to the application to complete the configuration.

Amazon Echo: how to connect all your connected objects to it?

So of course, already on your own, your Amazon Echo is very useful. But it quickly becomes essential if you connect various devices to it.

Connect your speakers to the Amazon Echo’s auxiliary audio output

The Amazon Echo speakers all have an auxiliary output, very convenient for easily improving the audio quality. To use it, simply connect it to your stereo with an audio cable jack to RCA, or male jack to male jack, suitable for your device. No configuration is required.

Connect your bluetooth speaker or headset

Pairing a bluetooth device is incredibly simple and effective:

    • Put your speaker or headset in pairing mode (long press on the pairing button)
    • Say:Alexa, Bluetooth pairing
    • A confirmation message will come out of your freshly connected speaker or headset

Connect lamps, switches and other connected objects

Amazon Echo is the most compatible range of connected devices on the market. But the support of your connected objects is not native. It is indeed necessary to install a Skill (aptitude or talent in French) corresponding to the brand of your connected objects to control them. The procedure is very simple – here is for example how to connect your Hue lamps to it:

    • Install and configure your lamps and the Hue Bridge following the instructions from Philips
    • Go to and log into your account
    • In the search field type Skill Hue
    • The first result should normally be the correct Skill
    • ClickActivatein theGet this Skillblock

You can then start saying commands like “Alexa, turn on the living room lights.” Of course, if you are having trouble setting up, report it in the comments.

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