How to Install Itunes on Your Computer?

iTunes is Apple’s software that works to enjoy a variety of multimedia content such as music or songs, movies or films, to Apple Music subscription services. iTunes is also a software for connecting iPhone to PC computers or Windows laptops.

How To Install itunes On Your Computer?
How To Install itunes On Your Computer?

Of course, for you PC or laptop computer users, you can also use iOS devices like the iPhone or iPad too. But you certainly can’t connect your iPhone or iPad to Windows to the fullest if you still don’t have iTunes installed. Therefore, you must install iTunes on Windows, one of the ways you have to use Windows 8 and above.

How To Install itunes On Your Computer?

1. First open the iTunes site to download it you can click here

2. The second step, click Get it from Microsoft or you can also click on the summary (which is on the right) and the download will appear, but it will still be transferred to Get it from Microsoft if you have the Microsoft Store on your laptop.

3. After you switch to a Microsoft account, then on the right you can click Get. Wait until iTunes is successfully downloaded to the laptop.

4. After downloading iTunes, the text in the blue column will change to Launch and to the left there will be a sign to finish downloading “this product is installed”. Then click the Launch text if you want to continue installing it.

5. Then the iTunes Software License Agreement will appear or the terms and conditions that apply if iTunes is installed on a laptop. Click Agree to install iTunes on your laptop.

6. Wait until the installation process is complete. After iTunes is installed, click Agree to link all multimedia (photos, photo albums and so on).

We hope that you understand how to install itunes on your computer?

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