How To Install Movie Maker On Windows 10

Want to install Movie Maker on Windows 10 but can’t find it? Indeed, the suite of free multimedia programs Windows Essentials 2012 released by Microsoft where there was also the Movie Maker video editing program that works very well on Windows 10 unfortunately from January 2017 is no longer available for download on the official website, but don’t worry if take a moment with this guide I’ll explain how to install Movie Maker on Windows 10 and how to use it perfectly on your PC.

How to Install Movie Maker on Windows 10
How to Install Movie Maker on Windows 10

How to Install Movie Maker on Windows 10

Are you looking for Movie Maker for Windows 10 and can’t find it? Here is the guide on how to install Movie Maker on Windows 10 easily and for free.

Although in this guide I will explain how to download Movie Maker and install it on Windows 10 in case you have just formatted your PC and you do not have this Microsoft operating system you can use Movie Maker on Windows 7 and Windows 8.x the same and the installation sequence it’s the same to follow for everyone, but without wasting any more time let’s see how to get Movie Maker on Windows 10.

Install Movie Maker on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7

  • To download Windows Movie Maker for free as a first step start the browser connected to this site.
  • Click on the Free Download button to download the Movie Maker installation file.
  • At the end of the download click twice consecutively with the left button of the mouse on the installation file of Movie Maker just download wlsetup-all-it-winaero.exe then in the first window that opens select the Yes button > Select the programs to install for open a new window where the Windows Essentials 2012 programs are listed and checked, which are Messenge, Mail, Photo Gallery and Movie Maker.
  • At this point remove the ticks on the programs and leave only the check on the item Photo Collection and Movie Maker.
  • Then to continue click on the button at the bottom right Install to complete the installation of Movie Maker on Windows 10 (I remind you that the procedure may take several minutes as Windows downloads all the necessary files from the Internet) .
  • Once the setup is complete, to continue with the guide how to install Movie Maker on Windows 10, click on the Close button , then go to Windows Start , look for the Movie Maker icon and start the first screen of the video editing program.
  • To use Movie Maker from Windows it is very simple from the main console click on the Add videos and photos button you see in the menu at the top left then in the window that opens go to select all the videos and photos with which you intend to perform a video montage with cool fade effects and animations.
  • Once you have uploaded the videos or photos to add animations, fades, effects, music and much more, all you have to do is move through the various Movie Maker tabs located in the top menu.
  • If you position yourself in the first tab of Movie Maker starting from the left Home there are the tools to add a title to the movie, record a video from the webcam in real time, find the button to add music, the one to set the default themes to create video montages with effects and functions to rotate videos.
  • If you position yourself on the Animations tab you can set the fade effects animations to switch from one scene to another in the video, in the Visual Effects tab there are lots of special effects that you can apply to videos.
  • In the Project tab you can modify the audio effects and set the aspect ratio of the video if Widescreen 16: 9 or if it is set to Standard 4:3, finally on the View tab you can Zoom in or Zoom out to view more elements in the project, but also to view a full-screen preview of the movie.

Once you have finished editing the video with Movie Maker click on the File located at the top left from the menu that appears you can save the project, save the movie or publish the movie or import it from another device, for example from a camera.

Final notes

And we have arrived at the final notes of this guide How to install Movie Maker on Windows 10. If you have any issue, comment us in the comment box.

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