How to Install SSD for PC Gamer?

The development of technology also makes content such as games also develop, presenting increasingly interesting gameplay with graphics. How to install SSD for pc gamer?

How To Install SSD For PC Gamer?
How To Install SSD For PC Gamer?

Behind the best experience of a game, of course, the size of the data is also getting bigger. More and more data elements are needed to build the game.

Install SSD For PC Gamer?

The effect on gamers, of course, must be to prepare more storage memory on gaming devices such as PCs or laptops. The solution uses HDD (Hard Disk Drive).

However, just having a large storage capacity alone cannot improve PC or laptop performance. One more type of data storage device that can boost the performance of a PC or laptop is SSD (Solid State Drive).

In terms of price, it must be recognized that HDD and SSD have a large enough price difference in the market. Do not believe? Try comparing HDD and SSD prices, for example made by Western Digital, with the same capacity of 1TB on the internet. HDD prices are definitely much cheaper.

In fact, SSDs don’t just offer data storage capacity. From various information gathered by Medcom . TED en, SSD devices technically have faster write and read speeds than HDDs.

What is the impact on the performance of the PC or laptop that uses it? The ability of a PC or laptop that uses an SSD will feel faster or not slow. For example when the processor boots or enters Windows when it is just running or when running software, especially games.

This experience is obtained because SSD has the ability to read data faster so that the process on a PC or laptop is faster. The requirement is that the operating system, software and game data be stored on the SSD.

Although a HDD claims to have a fast write and read speed, it all depends on the disk rotating in it. As he gets older it is very possible the speed of the disk disk is spinning increasingly slower.

Imagine when your friend is online inviting to play games together but you still have to wait for a long boot process . When booting is complete and into Windows, you also have to feel slow when you just run a game launcher, such as Steam or Uplay.

The second experience is most felt while in the game. Usually the game will have a lot of loading processes in it. For example, when you first enter the game and load the game before the gameplay graphics are presented.

Not to mention the loading process in the game for example, when entering the room or switching from gameplay to CGI video in the middle of the game’s story. All of this experience was felt by when trying out Western Digital to release WD Black SN750 1TB type NVMe SSD.

Then, which is faster between the 2.5-inch SSD and NVMe SSD? From its shape, NVMe SSD has a slim shape because it is flash memory, while a 2.5-inch SSD is still thicker than a 3.5-inch HDD.

The 2.5 inch SSD is connected to the PC using the SATA III port while the NVMe SSD uses the M.2 PCIe interface. Quoted from the Velocity Micro website, SSD / read speed through SATA III around 530 / 500MBps, while NVMe SSD using M.2 PCIe can reach 3500MBps.

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