How To Install Stock ROM On Siswoo C55 [Official Firmware]

The official Siswoo C55 firmware file / flash file is now available for download. Just ask for permission to download the file. We share a step by step guide to Install the official Siswoo C55 firmware.

How to install Stock ROM on Siswoo C55 [Official Firmware]
How to install Stock ROM on Siswoo C55 [Official Firmware]
Do not try to skip any step, as each step has its own importance in this guide. If you do not follow the guide correctly, you may break your device. We have collected more information about Siswoo C55 Stock ROM Bottom if you want, you can read it from the bottom.

How to install Stock ROM on Siswoo C55 [Official Firmware]

There are many benefits to having the ROM in stock of an Android device. You can solve the Bootloop and Black screen problem by flashing the original firmware. If you have problems with the software, you can flash the ROM in stock to fix it. You can unlock and detach your device by recalling the original firmware, which will refund the warranty.

The Siswoo C55 is powered by a MediaTek processor. It is a very mid-range processor. The firmware in stock available is for MediaTek MT6735 . The firmware is very large So we recommend that you have a stable wifi access while downloading the firmware.

This ROM can be flashed using SP Flash Tool. Official name of the firmware version in stock ISWOO / APRIX_C55_V01_20150906_220452 – mt6753_n320bh_m61p_kewei_cc_128gbitp16d3_lp1_lte_3m-fdd-cs_mul_sl_mul_sul_s_mul_sw full_n320bh 5.1 LMY47D. The firmware is based on Google’s Android software. 5.1 Lollipop OS.

Siswoo C55 Stock Details of the ROM:

  • Download Format: Verison Zip
  • Firmware Type: Official
  • Supported tool: SP Flash Tool
  • Gapps file: Included
  • Device supported: Siswoo C55

What is Stock ROM and what are its benefits?

ROMs in stock are those preinstalled on phones or tablets. These are the versions of Android developed by the manufacturers to make their phones unique. They also come pre-installed with certain applications.

The reasons for using custom ROMs on standard ROMs are as follows:

1) Security: These ROMs are developed by large companies and as a result, there is less risk that malware / viruses will affect the phone.

2) Warranty: The installation of a custom ROM requires root access, which voids the warranty of your smartphone in most cases. Many OEMs do not allow root access or customization.

3) Preinstalled Applications and Features: Many of these ROMs have preinstalled applications that are sometimes useful. These applications vary by manufacturer and even by model. Some manufacturers also offer their customers high-end features such as launchers, wallpapers, home screens, etc.

The advantages of the basic firmware of the Siswoo C55

  • Instant stock to detach your Siswoo C55
  • Flash ROM stock to solve the problem of bootloop.
  • Upgrading and downgrading Siswoo C55
  • Detach or fix bugs on your phone.
  • To correct the offset or stuttering on the Siswoo C55
  • Return to stock to get your guarantee.


Download Siswoo C55 Flash / ROM file in stock

Steps to install the official ROM in stock on Siswoo C55

  • First, make sure that you have followed each of the steps mentioned in the Prerequisites section.
  • After that, you need to download the files mentioned in the Downloads section and transfer them to your phone.
  • Once transferred, follow the guide below to install Stock ROM / Firmware / ROM on your smartphone.
  • Once you have completed all the steps mentioned in the guide, your phone must be started in Stock ROM.

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