How To Install TouchBar Ala MacBook Pro On All Androids

Apple always makes the latest innovations in every product it makes, be it smartphones, tablets to laptops. One of the unique features present on the MacBook Pro is TouchBar. Touch panel above the keyboard screen has a myriad of shortcuts that can help users.

How to Install TouchBar ala MacBook Pro on All Androids
How to Install TouchBar ala MacBook Pro on All Androids

How to Install TouchBar ala MacBook Pro on All Androids

Although it’s only in Apple laptop products, it turns out you can try TouchBar-style MacBook Pro on Android smartphones with the help of the following application. How to? Immediately,

  • First download the TouchBar for Android application and install as usual on your smartphone. So that the application can run optimally, give permission Overlay Screen, Write System Settings and Do Not Disturb Access.Click the third menu and change to the button to the On position. If so, TouchBar will automatically activate and be under the screen.
  • In the Configurations menu, you can see the Compact Modes menu. There are settings to make TouchBar always active or activated via the slider on the left or right.
  • There are also settings for Vibration, activate TouchBar on the Lockscreen and run automatically when the smartphone restarts.
  • Continue to the Customizations menu, here you can change the background color and buttons of the TouchBar. If you activate Compact Modes, the Slider color can also be changed as desired.

Finally, there is the Docks menu. This menu contains settings for TouchBar buttons. For example, on the Button Docks menu, you can change the function of the button shortcut as needed. There are many quick accesses that have been provided here. even you can also call an application in the Apps Switcher menu.

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