Guide on How to Install VSDC on a Free Laptop

This method of installing VSDC on a laptop / PC will be suitable and useful for those of you who want to become YouTube content creators and are still beginners! Why? Because you can get this application and you can install it easily on your laptop / PC for free!

Well … This tutorial is based on my personal experience that has tried many video editor applications for PCs and laptops.

Install VSDC on a Free Laptop
Install VSDC on a Free Laptop

Until now, I am very satisfied and free to use VSDC Video Editor because this application does not make the laptop heavy and laggy even though my laptop has only 2GB RAM with the old laptop version.

How to install VSDC on a free laptop / PC for beginner YouTubers

One thing that I really like when using the VSDC video editor application or software is the very complete features ranging from adding text, effects and filters, editing audio, images, and we are even free to choose the size of our videos from the lowest to high quality and available. also commonly used video size templates from various social media.

In addition, the many layers that are used also don’t make our laptops lag, and in my opinion, for beginner YouTubers and still low on budget, this software will really help us in making works as content creators.

1. Visit the VSDC Official Website

The first step is to visit the official website of theVSDC Video editorsoftware provider on your search engine. This VSDC not only provides video editing applications or software, you know! There is also software for video converter, audio converter and audio CD grabber for other creators’ needs.

Apart from providing video editor software for free, we can also upgrade our software to a paid version if you need tools and functions with the premium version provided by VSDC.

2. Select Download menu> Video Editor

In the second step, how to install vsdc on this laptop, we only need to point the cursor to the top of the VSDC site display page and click the “Download” menu at the top. After you click the “Download” menu then you select the “Video Editor” option.

3. Select the operating system version of your laptop or PC

After pressing the download button, you will be directed to 2 download version options, namely the x64 bit version and the x32 bit version. Adjust this version to the operating system used by your laptop / PC!

If you choose the wrong version, it could be that when you run the VSDC video editor software, there will be a number of things that can’t function optimally. So, you must first check the operating system version of your device, OK!

4. Install the downloaded file

After you choose the version that matches your laptop / PC operating system, then you only need to wait for the download process to complete.

When finished, you will see the download file “video editor” in .exe format. Click the file and we will proceed to how to install vsdc on a laptop.

5. Follow the directions given

After clicking the download file, a box will appear for setup permissions and also the language selection that we will use when running the VSDC video editor software later.

All you need to do for the process of installing vsdc on your laptop / pc is just clicking the “Next” button and checking or checking the “i Accept” statement.

6. Click Finish

After a series of clicking the “Next” button, we only need to wait for the VSDC video editor installation process to complete. When finished, you will see a setup box as shown above but with the words “Finish”.

Click the “Finish” button and you can run the VSDC Video editor software on your laptop / PC. Usually, the VSDC software icon will automatically appear on your PC / Laptop desktop. And you have successfully run the tutorial on how to install vsdc on a laptop.

Well … That’s the tutorial on how to install vsdc on a laptop that you can share with fellow readers on this occasion. Hopefully this can be useful for all readers.

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