Free Internet Download Manager For Windows & Mac

Internet Download Manager or IDM is an excellent download manager. It becomes chargeable after a 30-day trial period. You can download the cracked but good IDM version for free if you want to try a similar software to free IDM, then this article is for you.

Free Internet Download Manager for Windows & Mac
Free Internet Download Manager for Windows & Mac

IDM is one of the best download managers with great features like fast download, download update and more.

However, it is not the only one, it is possible to find free, free and / or open source IDM equivalents on Windows, Linux and Mac such as JDownloader, Xtreme Download Manager,…

Top 5 best alternative free Internet download manager


JDownloader is an open source download manager (whose code is available for free). For those with programming knowledge, the software can be easily modified or improved by anyone with knowledge of Java.

You can manage and schedule downloads with the software just like with Internet Download Manager. The only problem with JDownloader is that unlike IDM, it is not able to launch all downloads simultaneously.

In addition to its similarities to IDM, JDownloader can also resolve some CAPTCHA by itself. Whenever you come across a site that requires you to resolve a CAPTCHA before presenting you with the download link, JDownloader will automatically resolve it and start downloading immediately.

This IDM alternative is available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download JDownloader


I discovered this little software not long ago and I adopted it. EagleGet is one of thebest download acceleratorson Windows, it has many features similar to those offered by IDM.

The download manager is free to download and easily integrates with Firefox, Chrome and all other popular browsers. It allows you to easily read and pause downloads.

In addition, the software displays a tooltip that you can move anywhere on your screen to keep an eye on download speed.

Some sites give you a download link for a certain time and at the end of this time the link is expired and you are forced to start the download again.

If so, EagleGet can update expired download addresses without restarting the download from the start. It is a light and easy to use program, I recommend it to all beginners.

However, it is only available on the Windows operating system.

Download EagleGet

Free Download Manager

Personally, it’s my favorite and it’s the download manager that I use daily and even for torrents. I recommend it for large “downloaders” like me.

As the name suggests, Free Download Manager is a free tool that has the potential to replace IDM on your computer.

Free Download Manager offers the same advanced features as IDM but it has a feature that IDM does not have: it allows you to download torrents files such as your favorite movies on UpToBox, French torrents sites like NexTorrent for example.

In addition to that, it allows to resume broken downloads from the last stable point. Unlike IDM which is only available on Windows, Free Download Manager is available for download on Mac as well.

Download Free Download Manager

Downloadthe latest version of Free Download Manager


FlashGet is a very fast download manager that can speed up your downloads up to 10 times normal speed, compared to 5 times IDM.

Benefiting from some similarities with IDM, it allows you to create unlimited download categories and can call your antivirus program automatically to scan the file after the download is complete.

FlashGet also comes with a built-in offline player for viewing multimedia files.

Download FlashGet

Downloadthe latest version of FlashGet

Download Accelerator Plus

This free program has almost the same functionality as IDM. It also makes it possible to speed up the download speed compared to the normal speed of your connection thanks to the partitioning of the files into several pieces which are assembled at the end of the download.

Download DAP

DownloadDownload Accelerator Plus


In conclusion, when you browse the internet, at some point, you have to download an attached file, an MP3 file or even a video file. At this time, it is always better to have a download manager to be able to download faster.

IDM being the most known download manager but unfortunately also paying, we have presented 5 free alternatives with almost the same functionality.

Which one are you using or which are you going to use? We’re waiting for your comments.

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