IPTV Player | The Best for Streaming in 2022

Have you recently discovered the IPTV streaming method and are you looking for a good program? You have come to the right place. Today I will show you thebest IPTV players you will ever find around.

The Best IPTV Player
The Best IPTV Player

IPTV Player | The Best for Streaming in 2022

If you usually watch TV channels through IPTV on your smartphone or Smart TV, you will know for sure that you need a good m3u list but also a great player otherwise it will all be a waste of time. The reason? You may have problems related to streaming quality, continuous viewing blocks and many other complications.

Before we start, I want to give you some advice. If you are planning to watch IPTV on your television (no matter if it is a Smart TV or not) you will need a good TV Box to enable watching channels.

If you are a beginner, I can only advise you to takeIPTV Set Top Box. It is a complete set of everything you need to watch IPTV on TV.

In the box you will find the receiver, the cable, the remote control and all the essentials. In any case you can consult the list of the best IPTV Boxes, which I have personally tested.

Well, now let’s get back to the players. If like me you don’t like being interrupted while watching a movie or an episode of your favorite TV series, then you will have to carefully choose whichIPTV playerto use on your device.

In this article, I have selected the absolute best of this year in order to simplify your search. In the list there is no shortage of the most famous players such asVLCandKodi, but there are also valid alternatives.

I won’t waste your time. Make yourself comfortable, take a few minutes to read all the information and then choose the right solution for you. Let’s go!

The Best IPTV Player

  • VLC
  • Kodi
  • SimpleTV
  • Plex
  • MediaPortal
  • Perfect Player
  • OTTplayer


VLC is the most popular media player in the world. I personally use this player to watch IPTV on Mac and all my Apple devices.

The graphical interface is minimal and it is incredibly simple to use. The strong point is undoubtedly its ability to support almost all video formats on the web.

There is also full support for IPTV, which allows the loading of m3u lists and the viewing of all television channels in a fluid way and without blocks. The program is compatible with most platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.

Download VLC for freefrom the official site


Kodiis the most used player to watch IPTV on any device. Its versatility is enviable, even if at times it can be a bit complex to enable the TV (luckily there is the guide ) on the program. Its strong point are the Add-ons, or extensions that introduce unique features.

In the past I have already talked about plugins such as Stream On Demand and Alluc Kodi that bring direct viewing of streaming movies directly to the program.

Like VLC,Kodiis also compatible with all popular platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. Although to install it on iPhone and iPad it is a bit more complicated as it is not present on the App Store.

Don’t worry, I have already prepared specific tutorials for you on how to install Kodi on iPhone and also Kodi on iPad.

Download Kodi for freefrom the official site


SimpleTVis a simple and intuitive player that allows you to watch streaming TV channels through M3U lists. The menu and settings are well organized and simple to set up.

Even for those who have no skills. Perhaps one of the biggest problemsis the lack of the Italian language, but luckily there is a remedy.

You can download the Italian translation file and implement it in the program. How you do it? Once you have downloaded the zip file, just insert the content in theLangfolder of SimpleTV and then select the “Italian” item from the player settings. An excellent player for those who have a computer with Windows installed.

Download SimpleTVfor Windows for free


Plexhas been declared as one of the most viable alternatives to Kodi. In fact, it is a highly respected media player that is capable of bringing perfect local streaming to any device. Of course it is possible to import lists and watch TV channels with the IPTV system.

One of its advantages is full support for Chromecast, Apple TV and all other devices for TVs and Smart TVs of all models. Plex is available in both free and premium versions with additional features.


MediaPortalisn’t as popular as the other players described but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good program. Indeed I think it is one of the best if you want to watch IPTV on your device.

As well as the good Kodi, even with MediaPortal it will be possible to install plugins to add new features.

The only drawback is the compatibility with the platforms. It is currently only available for Windows.

DownloadMediaPortal for free from the official website


GSE IPTV is one of the best free IPTV apps for iOS, which is gaining huge popularity in Italy. This application will bring the viewing of streaming TV channels directly to our iPhones and iPads. All with unprecedented simplicity.

In any case, if you have problems with operation, you always have the possibility to consult the user guide in Italian.

DownloadGSE IPTV for free from the App Store


SS IPTVis a well-known app for Samsung and LG Smart TVs. It takes the place of the much better known Smart IPTV which was recently removed from the store due to legal problems. The application is able to let you watch TV channels via IPTV directly on your Smart TV.

All through a simple and clean graphical interface with which you can easily become familiar. Of course it is possible to load m3u lists both with external links and with the internal playlist method.

The installation of the player can be done on both Samsung and LG televisions. I recommend you take a look at the guide on how to install SS IPTV on Smart TV and how it works.

Perfect Player

One of the best free players that offers advanced features. Its strength is simplicity, in fact configuring this player to watch IPTV in streaming is really a breeze.

Perfect Player IPTV is available for Windows, Linux and Android platform. Unfortunately, it does not currently support the iOS environment.

Download Perfect Player for freefrom the official site


Another fantastic IPTV player that allows you to manage the m3u lists and also to customize them to your liking. The strong point is undoubtedly the compatibility with almost all platforms. In fact, you can install the player on both Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS.

There is no lack of support for Smart TVs, both from Samsung and owned by LG. Fluidity and simplicity are naturally included in the package.

Download OTTplayer forfree from the official website

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