Is Artificial Intelligence And ChatGPT A Threat to Humanity?

More than a thousand experts in the field have asked for time to turn the question of whether ChatGPT is a threat to humanity, including Elon Musk.

Is Artificial Intelligence And ChatGPT A Threat to Humanity?

Is Artificial Intelligence And ChatGPT A Threat to Humanity?

But should we really agree to the request to stop developing a system like ChatGPT for fear that the technology itself will turn against us?

How long do you ask to stop the development of Chat GPT?

Both Elon Musk and other experts in the field of AI have not mentioned a specific time to stop the development of GPT Chat.

However, he has said that development should be halted until more research has been done to better understand the potential dangers of Artificial Intelligence.

However, there are authorities who comment that a prudential time of 6 months would be optimal to take time and investigate more in relation to the matter.

The pros and cons of artificial intelligence

In history, creativity has always been felt by humans and society as a threat with the emergence of a new technology, but the truth is that it has always been an enhancer to take us to a new level.

Artificial intelligence will never completely replace humans and important decision-making will always be required by its creators, but why is artificial intelligence criminalized so much?

We are facing a unique advance comparable to the creation of the internet and ignorance of the subject creates fear.

No one yet knows the scope of artificial intelligence in the world in which we live, but what we do know is that more than 60% of current jobs can replace them.

What jobs can artificial intelligence replace?

Artificial Intelligence can replace jobs such as translators, virtual assistants, accountants, data analytics, financial advisors, automatic news writers, graphic designers, robot operators, sales assistants, autonomous vehicle drivers, software developers, and more.

We currently see how many sectors such as the taxi resist change, and it is understandable, their lives depend on it, but can they avoid it? What can we do with older people who will not be able to rejoin the labor market?

It is a question that we must ask ourselves, without ever putting sticks to the wheel of technology that is imminently advancing.

Resistance to change will not be able to stop technology

In the history of humanity there has always been a resistance to change for multiple reasons , the loss of jobs that technology causes is replaced by the comfort and effectiveness that it produces in society.

A more technological and modern society will always have better expectations for the people who live in it and that is indisputable.

People who say that life was better before, perhaps it is because they have not lived at that time, but the improvement of technology helped to have better machines to cure or operate on us, it helped us to exponentially multiply our productivity and perhaps go from working 50 hours a week to work 35 as already applied in many countries.

At what point is the AI, can it completely replace us?

What Artificial Intelligence contributes is agility and cutting timings in the first layers of projects, but it is human talent that really has to monitor and finish it.


Incorporating certain limits to technologies are of no use other than to delay the progress of a society, but we must always always put human values ​​before it.

If society needs to assimilate technology, let’s take some time and assimilate what may come to know what we are facing. We are the ones who can press the pause and play of Artificial Intelligence, let’s take advantage of it.

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