How to Jailbreak iPhone and iPad directly from Safari

In this article, we return to talk about jailbreak. The procedure for unlocking the iPhone, and the iPad, which gives access to an alternative store called Cydia, manages to “break the limits” of our devices, allowing us to use many additional functions.

How to Jailbreak iPhone and iPad directly from Safari
How to Jailbreak iPhone and iPad directly from Safari

Obviously, Apple does not approve such a procedure and, indeed, tries to obstruct it in every way so that putting it into practice, in general, is anything but simple.

How to jailbreak iPhone and iPad directly from Safari

Fortunately, the Pangu team, which developed the latest jailbreak, has found asimple and elegant solutionthat allows you to install the jailbreak on the device in a few steps and, above all,without the need for a computer.

In fact, everything can be done directly from the device, with a very simple and immediate procedure. It should be noted that, unfortunately,we do not know how long this system will last,and this means that you mustuse it as soon as possible to be sure of its functioning before it is blocked.

How to jailbreak iOS 9 from Safari

First of all, remember that this procedure is not compatible with all devices but only with some.

In fact, if you want to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad you must know that you need to haveiOS 9.3.2 or iOS 9.3.3 installed on the device,while the latest version iOS 9.3.4 is not compatible.

Only iPhones from5S onwards,iPads from thefirst Air onwards,iPad Minis from thesecond onwards and the latest iPod Touch model are also compatible. The other devices are not compatible with this jailbreak.

That said, let’s see how to unlock directly from Safari; you can also do it right away if you are reading from iPhone / iPad, but firstfinish reading, then do it, otherwise, you may have problems.

  • First you need to enterthis page, directly from Safari for iPhone / iPad and from no other browser. As soon as you enter, even before the page loads, a window will appear askingwhether to open that page in the App Store.Answer yes, but absolutely nothing will happen.
  • Then wait a few seconds and a second window will appear, similar to the previous one, which will ask you toinstall an app.Obviously you have to answer yes, and immediately close Safari. Back on the Home screen, we will find an app that is installing, with the classic “clock” on the icon that fills up gradually.
  • Pay closeattention to this step:the progress circle will fill up gradually, and under the icon there will be written “Loading”. When the circle arrives at approximately 9, that is, three-quarters of the way forward, the wording will change to “Install”: here you have to very quicklyopen the control center and put theairplane mode.
  • If we have done well, the icon will become normal and we can use the app; if we are wrong, it will remain dull and dark. In the latter case there is not much to do but cancel the app and try again, being very careful with the previous step.
  • At this point we enter Settings, General, Profiles and there we mustauthorize the app,using the verify button. In order to do this, you have to remove the airplane mode.
  • Leaving settings, we finally go to open the application: we authorizenotifications,then we press thelarge central button,then we block the device with the power button. A few seconds and a notification will arrive; unlock the iPad / iPhone using that notification (drag it to the right) and theapple logowill appear , which will last a few seconds.
  • After this step too, we will find Cydiaperfectly functionalon our iPad, and we can use it without problems.

Finally, it should be noted that this procedure can also be used if we already had Cydia but wanted to update the jailbreak, perhaps done with the other methods, because it has expired, so as to have it available again.

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