How To know If A PC Is Compatible With A Game?

PC is Compatible with a Game: Have you ever played Fortnite on your PC ? This is one of the best console and PC games since last year. Current games are very resource intensive (graphics card, CPU, RAM, etc.).

Before you buy or download a game, make sure that this game is compatible with your computer .

How to know if a PC is Compatible with a Game?
How to know if a PC is Compatible with a Game?

How to know if a PC is Compatible with a Game?

The good news is that there are now simple methods to test the compatibility of a game with your PC gamer or PC for office tasks.

See the features of a Computer

First of all, you need to know the hardware of your computer and its characteristics, especially the speed of the CPU, the RAM (physical memory installed) and the graphics card.

You can view this information without downloading any third-party software, just click the Windows button and search for “System Information”.

Here you have information directly about the operating system, the type and speed of the processor and the RAM.

In the left part, click on components then Display to display the information on the graphics card.

There is also a free software piriform (also develops CCleaner) to see the features of his PC in one click, it is Speccy .

It is done. You have the necessary information to check the compatibility of a game with your computer. We will see then how to know if a game is compatible with your computer.

2 Methods for Testing Compatibility of a Game with Your Computer

Can your computer run Fortnite or GTA 5 or any other game? We will answer this question in two ways. Recall that Fortnite and some other games also require a stable internet connection .

Check the Required Configuration of a Game: Manual Method

This is the quickest way to find out if your computer can run any game, just launch your web browser and search Google for ” The name of the game + system requirements .” You can also write system requirements instead of system requirements.

Most often, the first search result contains the system requirements to launch this game. So, just compare with the features of your PC.

Can You RUN It? – Automatic method

Let’s admit that the manual method is very simple, but may have interpretation difficulties, errors because the first result in Google may or may not be the best answer.

This is where the automatic method intervenes:

    1. Just go to the Can You RUN It website .
    2. Enter the name of the game and click on “Can You Run It”

You will have the minimum configuration to run the game and the recommended configuration to run the game without lags.

Once on the Can You RUN It page of a game , you can test the configuration of your PC by downloading a small tool (Detection.exe) that will test the config of your PC and give you the exact answer if your PC can exactly run this game.

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