How to Setting AMD Dual Graphics for Games

AMD or an abbreviation ofAdvanced Micro Devices is a computer processor that is in great demand today and is quite a beat againstIntel processors. Which is better betweenInteland AMD. It all depends on the needs of each user. But there are still many who think that Intel is better than AMD.

How to Setting AMD Dual Graphics for Games
How to Setting AMD Dual Graphics for Games

How to Setting AMD Dual Graphics for Games

Intel is considered better because it supports the NVIDIA VGA graphics which is well known for its reliability in handling high graphics. Not to be outdone, AMD has also developed a VGA that supports graphics, editing, rendering, and gameswith high specifications. AMD continues to develop various innovations, one of which is in the world ofgames.

But did you know that AMD has adual graphics feature.This new innovation has been launched by AMD to improve graphics performance on your laptop or PC. This feature is very useful in helping the performance gamesfor the convenience ofgamers.

This feature makes use of two graphics on onemotherboardwith one result or the same output. AMDdual graphicsallows a laptop or PC to adapt to the needs of certain conditions.

AMDdual graphics isdevoted to maximizing high graphics such asgames. Whendual graphics isactivated, the system will automatically adjust and maximize the performance of your PC or laptop when high graphics are needed.

The Advantages of AMD Dual Graphics

  • Has the Eyefiniti feature which maximizes high resolution.
  • Has the HD3D feature which converts all types of graphics into 3D.


1. You have to right click on your desktop, (PC or laptop must have AMDdual graphicsfeature ).

2. Then click AMDRadeon Settings.

3. Then theradeon settingsdisplay will appear on yourdesktop.

4. Then clickGaming.

5. ClickGlobal Settings.

6. Then two graphics will be displayed on your PC or laptop. The two graphics are not always the same depending on what graphics are used on your laptop or PC. then click the main graphic which is on the rightglobal graphics.

7. Turn AMDRadeon Dual Graphicsto ”on”.Thenexit the radeon settings, and your AMDdual graphicscan be used.


The AMDdual graphicsfeature can be activated on the PC or laptop used. Because not all AMD processors feature AMDdual graphics. Not all laptops or PCs with AMDdualgraphics have the same type of graphics,every laptop or PC has two differentgraphicsdepending on the type ofgraphicsused.

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