Know New Things That Google Assistant Can Do

The “Made by Google 2019” event has already ended , and thanks to the new Pixel 4 leaked until we couldn’t , before the event we already had a pretty clear idea of ​​what to expect.

Know New Things That Google Assistant Can Do

Know New Things That Google Assistant can do

However, the technology giant also revealed some surprises, such as news for its virtual assistant, Google Assistant, including new applications and integration across Google devices.

Pixel 4

In the case of Pixel 4 , the new improved version of the Google Assistant allows easy hands-free navigation between applications and multitasking without interruption. For example, as Google demonstrated during its presentation, the assistant can extract the dates of the concerts, share them with a contact and transcribe a note to include with the message.

The company said Assistant is also better equipped to understand specific commands or orders, such as looking for a particular group of photos you took on a recent trip or vacation.

In addition, the Pixel 4 voice recording application can transcribe the recordings of conversations and voice messages in real time, something that was very exciting for the journalists who attended the event.

The transcription function will also make finding recordings much easier. Originally this new feature will be launched in English, although the company said other languages ​​will be available in the future.

Pixel Buds 2

The next generation of Google Pixel Buds wireless headphones will summon the virtual assistant in the same way without using the hands that can be done on other Google devices, and in this way you can send a text message, ask for directions or to translate some phrase in another language (hopefully better than with the first generation Buds ), something especially useful when you don’t have your phone at your fingertips. They will sell for $ 179, although you’ll have to wait until next spring to get them.

Integration in Nest Wifi Point

Google added a smart speaker with Google Assistant support to its Nest Wifi Point, offering you the same functionality as a Nest Mini. This allows you to play music, answer questions and control other connected devices.

New voices for the assistant

In addition to all these changes, Google advanced some news for Assistant before the event, including that it would take the voice of Issa Rae, from the Insecure comedy series , to the assistant (previously added the voice of John Legend ). By saying “Hello Google, talk like Issa,” the assistant will activate the voice of the Emmy-nominated actress, mentioning some Easter eggs in the series.

According to Variety , asking Google Assistant questions like “Hello Google, do you have any advice on dating?”, Or like “Hello Google, are you a writer?”, Will also generate messages with the Rae voice. Google said the voice of the actress will be available for a limited time in English in the United States.

Google announced last September that it would bring more voices in more languages ​​to Assistant, with more than 30 available to date. These voices can be accessed and selected in the Settings section of the Assistant application.

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