What Are the Latest Trends in Thermal Imaging Technology?

With a wide sphere of usage, thermal imaging devices do not seem to become less popular. Finding their application in search-and-rescue, firefighting, navigation, surveillance, the safety of transport, and defense from military intrusion, such devices make life better and prevent hundreds of accidents.

Latest Trends in Thermal Imaging Technology
Latest Trends in Thermal Imaging Technology

What Are the Latest Trends in Thermal Imaging Technology?

But if a few years ago the brilliant technology was used mainly for security cameras to capture crime scenes or to ‘see’ people in the sea during lifesaving operations, now the spectrum is much wider. In a nutshell, thermal imaging technology is going mainstream entering every area of human life and this is an unstoppable tendency.

For those of you following the thermal imaging fashion, here is the place with the newest thermal optics from AGM Global Vision.

And as for 2021, these trends are going in the following directions:

1. Healthcare

Since our health is something we don’t wanna risk anymore and, perhaps, start to value it properly after the COVID 19 pandemic, a huge place for applying in medicine is found for thermal imaging. The virus has increased the demand for thermal imaging gadgets and the reason is their high precision and simple use.

Depending on resolutions and functions, cameras can be used to diagnose serious and trifle disorders, inflammations, including evaluating the quality of blood flow in the body and measuring patients’ temperature.

2. Technical and electrical spheres.

The capabilities of thermal scanners are so extensive that technicians could rely on them to deal with electrical connectors in any sphere starting from tracking the work of heated floors and finishing with finding out unbalanced electrical loads to fix them in time.

3. Preventative maintenance.

Since at big plants and enterprises it is vital for every environment factor to be correspondent to the set rules, thermal imaging could come in handy for measuring the amounts of heat generated, as well as prevent accidents thanks to detecting overheated motors.

Though not so widely used right now, thermal cameras allow getting images with high resolution to find and correct issues which result in better and safer manufacturing.

For instance, Optical Gas Imaging, known as OGI, already helps organizations see leaks in equipment and optimize production at factories.

4. Household and domestic appliances.

Since we are spending more time at home now, the quality of life here gains a special value. For new homeowners, thermal cameras could help to identify electric insulation, the functioning of hot water pipes, air conditioning systems, which could be effective in preventing heat waste.

5. Solar panels and other green energy generation systems.

Solar panels seem perfect only if they are new. Yet, how do you define a problem in this or that solar panel cell? Again, with the help of aerial drones that take thermal images, one can easily identify a ‘sick’ cell and take immediate measures to minimize energy loss.

The trends are also likely to remain with us for long; yet, since the economy of many countries now experienced troublesome times, the trends will mainly capture developed countries such as the USA, South Corea, Germany, France, Canada, UAE, China, Israel, with other regions joining the breakthrough technology movement in the following years.

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