LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike – A Perfect Companion for all Your Adventures

Who doesn’t like to take a break from all the stress and fly away from all the commitments and regular day-day busy schedules? have you ever wanted to make at least one day of the week amazing with a few great memories to hold?

Also if you get the surplus health benefits along with fantastic moments, it’s possible to make the day more meaningful.

LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike
LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike

LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike – A Perfect Companion for all Your Adventures

If you are looking for a perfect companion, to make your trips more fantastic and meaningful, then you are at the right place. FatSky Pro MTB EBike from LESOOS is one of the best eBike, capable to provide all the pleasures and even more that you need.

LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike
LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike

FatSky Pro is built with a powerful 500W Direct Drive Hub Motor, that can give you a different level of assistance while riding through mountains. Let’s dive deep to find more interesting features.


As already mentioned above FatSky Pro is equipped with a powerful 500W geared Motor, you can go a maximum of 15 mph speed which helps you to reach your destinations faster.

FatSky Pro is really robust enough for daily use, adventures mountain rides, etc… No need to get down to push it all the way uphill as used to do with a traditional bicycle, just sit & enjoy your ride till you reach the destination. Wherever you go, you will definitely feel the real power.

LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike
LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike


While talking about the battery, it has enough capacity to keep you moving Up to 25miles (pure electric) / 35 miles range (pedal assist) per charge.

The easily removable battery can be fully charged in 4-5 hrs. It’s really great if you can go up to 35 miles (around 56KM) in just 4-5 hrs charge. The 48 V 10.4 Ah battery is also built with a protection board, to prevent overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent, and short circuit to ensure long life.

The battery is placed inside the black hard plastic shell, which can effectively protect from all the hazards. The LED battery charging indicator will help you to notify when the battery is fully charged.

LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike
LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike

Speed & Comfort

You can go at a maximum of 15mph (approx 24 km/h) speed will help you to reach destinations faster. FatSky Pro has a powerful Front suspension fork & Rear car shock absorption.

Also has Shimano 7-Speed (can adjust based on the difficulty of the path you travel, The increased torque based on the difficulty to ride the uphill makes your journey easier.

Front suspension fork – The LESOOS FatSky Pro offers a perfect and comfortable riding experience with help of the front suspension fork with locking device and suspended Seatpost.”

Rear car shock absorption – The effective rear shock absorber lets the user feel pride while riding. No matter how worst the way is, you will have a comfortable ride.

Multifunction Display

The LESOOS FatSky Pro comes with an inbuilt multifunction display, so you will be able to track travel information such as speed, mileage, and power.

LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike
LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike

Other Features:

Tire: 26*4.0 Tires are suitable for fast rides and light bicycles, suitable for highways, forest trails, snow roads, etc.

Brakes: Equipped with mechanical disk brakes.

Dual lights: Powerful lights always keep your sight clear for the night rides.

Max Load: LESOOS FatSky Pro can carry up to 330 Lbs (Approx 150 kg). Even you can carry needed luggage along with you for your long adventures journeys!

Special thanks for the Integrated rear rack, which plays an important role to allow users to carry the cargo (Easily connect baskets, platforms, or baskets to let the bike carry your cargo).

LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike
LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike

Complete Specifications

Frame26 inches alloy 6061 frameSuspensionFull suspension for shock absorption
motor48V 500W Hight Speed rear spoked wheel motorDrive Mode1. Pur Battery powerful Mode 2. Pure Foot Ride Mode 3. Battery-Assist Mode
ControllerDC48V 12magnetsBrake F/RDisc brake
Gear7 SpeedHandleBarAlloy, black
Tires & tubes26*4.0 tyreCharger48V 2A

You can buy LESOOS FatSky Pro eBike from the official website https://www.lesoosebike.com/

When choosing the perfect companion for your journeys, it’s better to think twice before purchasing a model there are many models available like the Electric Cruiser Bike, Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike models. It’s up to you to choose the best as per your needs.

So, be ready for the adventures, get! set! go!

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