Lipstick Styling Guide: Discover The Latest Must-Try Lipstick Trends Of This Season

From a glamorous party avatar to a clean-girl office look – a swipe of the right lipstick helps you achieve an array of looks. One of the oldest beauty staples in vanities galore, this li’l stick not only realises your transformation but also boosts your confidence tenfolds.

Lipstick Styling Guide

Lipstick Styling Guide: Discover The Latest Must-Try Lipstick Trends Of This Season

On that note, if you are a lipstick fiend, here’s a list of the best lipstick trends of 2023 for your consideration. Use the lipsticks on your vanity to jump on several trend bandwagons and broaden your beauty horizons!

But before we jump to the best lipsticks trend of 2023 (so far), let us get our lipsticks basics right!

Right Way to Wear Your Lipstick

If you wear a lippy on the reg, here are a couple of challenges that you must come across!

  1. Ensuring that your lipstick is long-lasting
  2. Preventing your lipstick from feathering or smudging
  3. Preventing your lippy from drying your lips

To counter the above problems, you can refer to the following guide to make the best of your choicest product.

  1. Scrub or Exfoliate: If your lips are chapped or flaky, use a scrub before going all out with your stain or lippy. This will prevent the formula from settling into creases or lines on your pucker.
  2. Apply Lip Balm: To create a smooth canvas which makes for easy lipstick application, apply a thin, even layer of your lip balm. This nourishing and hydrating formula will also prevent episodes of chapped or brittle tissues (on the lips).
  3. Use Lip Liner: If you are wary of your lipstick bleeding or smudging, contour your lips with a liner. With a light hand, overline your lip’s natural contour that will not only contain the lipstick (preventing it from smudging) but also create an illusion of fuller, plumper lips.
  4. Colour Retention: Wish to maintain your lip colour’s intensity throughout the day? Fill in your pout with your lip liner first.
  5. Apply Your Lipstick: Now whip out your lipstick and start applying. Draw a small cross on the cupid’s bow and work your way outwards. Once you are through, apply a thin layer of gloss if you fancy your pouty all glistening!

Best Lipstick Trends of 2023

Now that we are well-versed with the basics, here are some lipsticks trends that you can try at home.

‘90s Glossy: A pout emanating a blinding shine? Yes, please! The ‘90s gloss trend saw a revival earlier this year, and has been doing the rounds on social media ever since.

Easy-to-create and fuss-free, all you need is a swipe of high-shine gloss to look instantly glamorous and put together. To create a snatched look, use a lip liner (closest colour to your skin) and overline your lips.

Follow this up with a generous amount of the gloss. Alternatively, you may add the gloss on top of muted tones or nudes to channel the minimalist makeup look that has been creating waves in the industry.

Red Hot: If there is one shade that has stood the test of time, it’s inarguably red. The fierce and feel-good colour can help you channel a different energy (or mindset) every time.

From a sultry vampy look to old time Hollywood glamour, the world is your oyster. Jump on the evergreen trend bandwagon with a shade of red best suited to your taste.

Barbeicore: Fun and flamboyant, Barbiecore is the reigning trend of summer ‘23. And the easiest way to recreate this trend at home is with a swap of pink lipstick! Pick from a roster of mauves, plums, fuchsia, and flamingo pink to awaken the Barbie girl within you.

Cherry Cola: Cherry cola trend recreates the fizzy colour and texture of the famous beverage (that goes by the same name). Popularised by the community of beauty influencers and gurus, this trend is equal parts bold and chic. All you need is a brown liner (preferably a tone or two) darker than your actual colouring.

Use this pencil to delicately overline your lips and follow it up with a swipe brown, berry or deep red for the ‘pop’ of colour. Complete the look with a lip lacquer for an almost reflective, mirror-like shine.

Nudetastic: A nude pucker seldom goes out of style! Subdued yet elegant, a swipe of nude transitions exceptionally from day to night – from a museum date with your girlies to a night at the bar.

While you can avail nude lipsticks in different hues and finishes, they all guarantee one thing-a refined look that makes your ensemble pop!

Bold Lips: Go bold or go home! If you are feeling a tad adventurous, might we suggest doing a bold lip? We have seen several renditions of this trend on social media which allows people to go all out with off-beat colours on the pucker.

Channel your grunge vibe with a hint of black on the lips. Alternatively, you can opt for plumps, maroons or browns to create a soft-grunge look from the comfort of your home!


The year 2023 brought forth a bunch of never-seen-before lip trends! If you wish to jump on these trend bandwagons, reach out for your makeup bag and start cracking.

You can create a glistening ‘90s pout with a muted shade (of brown, coral or pick) or embrace your inner Goddess with a swipe of red. Channel your eccentric side with a bold lip, open to interpretations galore.

Give Barbiecore a shot with a swipe of pretty pink on the pucker. If you wish to steer clear of bold colouring, find your perfect match in nude!

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