How to Get a Free Netflix Account: No one can match or even get close to Netflix’s popularity with the most popular video sharing resource.

No other content sharing website on the Internet has so much to share with people, allowing Netflix to stay at the top of the popularity chart for video-sharing websites.

List of Free Netflix Accounts [October]: Netflix Premium 2019 Account
List of Free Netflix Accounts [October]: Netflix Premium 2019 Account
Since its debut in 1997, Netflix has been sharing high quality original content including films and documentaries, as well as many other unique and informative pieces of information.

Being the best Netflix video streaming resource is more expensive than others and starts at $ 8 and reaches $ 14 a month, which is not affordable for many people.

Is it illegal to share a free Netflix account?

There are a few ways to easily access Netflix; we do not want anyone to act illegally, so we decided to share simple and legal ways to access Netflix so that people who feel helpless can watch movies they like and documentaries that enrich their knowledge.

Here are some ways to access Netflix through free Netflix accounts .

How to receive the free Netflix account and password

People know that sharing is a caring activity and that the best way to access Netflix for free is sharing. The basic Netflix package allows only one visitor to use it at a time, while the standard package allows two people, while the Premium package allows 4 people to use Netflix simultaneously.

If you have a family member or friend who has a Netflix premium plan, you can ask him to let you share it. This way, you can have free access to Netflix or, if you have a premium plan, you can offer it to a friend or family member who does not, because sharing a premium plan will not cost you more. nothing.

1. Free trials of Netflix

Another legal method to take advantage of Netflix for free is to register with Netflix for a free trial. The video streaming platform that all fans know as Netflix allows new users to try their platform for free for a limited time.

Generally, the trial period lasts one month and then you have to unsubscribe or just pay for the installation.

To use the free trial version of Netflix, simply create an account and leave it as is. Make sure you do not subscribe to a proposed plan on the site when you do it. Netflix informs you that you have not become a permanent member of their website.

Therefore, they send you an e-mail with a link to the period for which they wish to offer you. their service on a trial basis. You should follow the link and complete your own profile.

When the trial period expires and you do not pay for Netflix services, the website may offer you a new trial offer. This does not happen in all cases, but the website has the choice to invite you again by proposing a new test.

Period, some people have to wait months to get a new test offer from Netflix. If you want to take advantage of Netflix, you should either start paying or try another trial period.

2. Several free trials

Using multiple free trials to watch Netflix for free is another legal way to access Netflix, but efforts must be made on your side. You will need a variety of credit cards and email IDs to access Netflix for free.

You can create an account and get a trial period offer for your account. On the day of your trial period for an account, you can sign up with an additional email account and a new credit card. Thus, you can create a new free netflix account for a limited trial period.

When you create a new account for Netflix and use a new credit card number that does not match previous Netflix records, the platform will consider you as a new user interested in its account.

Do you see how it works? Whenever you create a new account, Netflix thinks you are a new customer interested in its product. Netflix wants to increase the number of its users. To do this, he will send you another free trial offer, thinking this is the first time you want to register.

Free Netflix Accounts 2019:

NOTE: We do not guarantee, whether they work or not.

The best way to enjoy Netflix at a lower cost

If you do not want to go through all the trouble, in order to get your hands on a Netflix free account, I suggest you get a shared Netflix account. Netflix allows a number of users to simultaneously access their content from the same account.

It depends on the plan you signed up with. So, if you can get your friends to participate, you can buy a Netflix account at a reduced cost.

How to cancel the free trial of Netflix?

To cancel your Netflix subscription and avoid being charged at the end of the free trial, you must go to the cancel program page and press “End Cancel”.

After canceling your free trial, you can not apply anymore. To do this, you will need to present a different credit card and register with another email.

If you live in a country with Internet restrictions or if you are connected to a network, the easiest way to work around this account is to use a VPN and a free proxy.


I hope that would have helped you. If you have a problem and do not understand the process, let us know in the comment. We would be more than happy to help you.


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