How To Listen To Bible Audio Offline

Bible Audio Offline: There are many ways to access the Bible online in both text and audio formats. However, there are times when you might want to listen to the Bible while you are offline or don’t have WiFi or internet access.

How to Listen to Bible Audio Offline and Free
How to Listen to Bible Audio Offline

You don’t need to worry, there are several ways to access the bible offline. In this article, I will explain several ways to listen to the bible offline and free.

The easiest way to get Bible audio is to download it on your smartphone and then use the mp3 / audio player on the smartphone. There are hundreds of versions of the Bible available free of charge. The following below are some methods for getting Bible audio that you can try.

How to Access and Listen to the Bible Audio Offline

The following are some websites that provide free Bible download files. Download it directly and save it on your smartphone or PC computer. is a website providing bible reading files that can be downloaded directly at or through its application. Download the file so that it can be listened to offline, the application is also pretty good.

There you can choose the language, and the Bible version (there are 20 more versions available). Access using a social media account so you can download it. The file is available in MP3 format that can be played on Android and Apple smartphones. Play the bible mp3 files in the media player available on your smartphone.

The International Bible Society

The International Bible Society also provides a free download of the New Testament Bible audio. There is also available all the contents of the Bible book in 1 file download only. The size of the file is 654MB in zip format.

You can download the zip file containing the bible audio by extracting the zip file. Then copy and paste the extracted MP3s to your smartphone so you can listen offline.

Academy of Ancient Languages

Academy of Ancient Languagesoffers several free Hebrew and Greek Audio Bible MP3 files. It is suitable for those who want to learn and develop ancient language skills at once. The audio of the bible there is divided separately, you can download it according to the link provided.

The Bible

Bible is the most popularAndroidandAppleapplication and presents various versions of the Bible in audio form. With more than 1,400 versions and also available in more than 1,000 languages. Although sometimes it requires internet access, there are also features to download the bible offline.

There are several ways to access and listen to the bible offline easily only through a smartphone. You can try one of the methods above so you can access the bible offline and don’t need internet access.

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