Local Guides Google: How It Works And What Are The Advantages

Local Guides is a global community of explorers sharing their discoveries on Google Maps. Local Guides help you find the best places in town and make new friends by receiving exclusive benefits in return.

Local Guides Google: How it Works and What are the Advantages
Local Guides Google: How it Works and What are the Advantages

Local Guides Google: How it Works and What are the Advantages

Do you like traveling around your city to discover new restaurants, works of art or trendy clubs? Or rather, do you like traveling the world, ending up in the best Irish Pub in St. Patrick or going to Taiwan and eating a typical dish of the place but you don’t know how and where to do it?

TheLocal Guidescommunity was born just for this. Do you know the photos and reviews you find when yougoogulatea bar or a monument?

Well, someone will also have uploaded them, and that someone is the Local Guide. Now comes the fun part, do you know that we can all be a Local Guide? In fact, I am a Level 3 Local Guide (maximum 5 levels) and here I will explain how to become Google Local Guide and what it entails.

How I started and what Local Guides do

First of all, a Local Guide can get busy for love (joke mom Google don’t worry). I started like this. Everyone needs a review of that beautiful hotel near the center that costs little nowadays, or that restaurant in the suburbs that nobody knows but where to eat a fairy tale.

So I decided to post reviews of my favorite places, accumulating points (unknowingly). Until one day, a notification asks me for a review for a place I had attended for the first time. Now, review and photos of the sandwich andboom!2 points!

I was interested in it, also because I was starting to like it, especially after a week that I had started and one of my photos was indicated as the best of the week with 14000 views. So I went on, reviewing all the places I visited in my travels and all the places that Google notified me.

I was answering Big G’s questions through the dedicated app, in order to take other points, and this brought me to level 3 in a few months.

Here’s what a Local Guide does. Reviews, photos and everything that can help other internet users find their ideal place by searching on Google Maps.

The advantages of being a Local Guide

Initially I was driven by the desire to make my favorite places known, I practically put 5 * to all my favorite places in London. Then I discovered the great advantages that this community offers. I speak of real advantages and Google makes us available.

  • Level 1– Receive exclusive information with the monthly Local Guide newsletter; sign up for workshops and Hangouts hosted by Google; opportunity to participate in unique competitions for Local Guides.
  • Level 2– discover new Google products and features before others; promote a meet-up in the Local Guide calendar.
  • Level 3– Get the Local Guide Badge; get in touch with other guides via Google+; conduct a discussion by moderating channels in the Local Guide community; receive invitations for events hosted in some cities by Google.
  • Level 4– Upgrade of storage space in Google Drive; wins the requirements to participate in the online channels of Local Guides.
  • Level 5– Try new Google products before they are made available to the public as a true Google insider; Submit your application to participate in the Level 5 Local Guide Summit.

In short, probably the best way to optimize our desire to travel the world. And then, only Big G knows what it means to get to level 5 and increase your points.

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