How to Make a Clipping Mask Using Adobe Illustrator

There are many design settings you can make using Adobe Illustrator, one of which is clipping masks.

Clipping mask is a design technique to make an image follow a certain object. Other terms combine two objects. For example pictures and text.

Make a Clipping Mask Using Adobe Illustrator
Make a Clipping Mask Using Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is widely chosen to create clipping masks because the results are good and maximum.

How to Make a Clipping Mask Using Adobe Illustrator

For this type of clipping mask there are usually two forms. Namely photos and shapes or photos and text. Both have a manufacturing process that is not much different.

So, if you are curious, please follow these steps:

1. Create a New Worksheet

The first step, open Adobe Illustrator on the PC or laptop you are using. After that, please press Ctrl + N key to open New Document settings.

Next select Blank Document Presets and set the paper as desired (here I use A4 ). If so, click the Create button to create a new worksheet.

2. Import Image

After the new worksheet is created, you must import ( import ) the desired image as the basis for the clipping mask.

Here’s how to import an image in Adobe Illustrator:

  • Select the Files tab.
  • Click the Open menu.
  • If so, find the image you want.
  • Click the Open button.
  • Then the image will appear on the worksheet.

3. Insert Shape

The first clipping mask that I will make is the shape. You can enter the desired shape in an Adobe Illustrator worksheet.

Here are the steps:

  • Right click on the Rectangle Tool.
  • Select the shape you want.
  • Once done, place the shape in the drawing area.
  • If it’s still not in the right position, please adjust it first so that the results are neat.

4. Create a Clipping Mask

Finally, the shape that was created earlier can be set directly into a clipping mask.

The method is as follows:

  • Select the shape object by pressing left click.
  • Hold down the Shift key while pressing the drawing object.
  • If so, right click.
  • Select the Make Clipping Mask menu.
  • Automatically the image will be cropped to follow the shape of the shape.
  • Done.

Well, a clipping mask in the form of a shape has been created.

5. Create a Text Clipping Mask (Optional)

To create a clipping mask in the form of text, the steps are more or less the same as before. Here we use the type tool to create the desired text.

Here’s how to create a clipping mask in the form of text:

  • Press Ctrl + O key to open the Open File menu.
  • Then select the image you want.
  • If so, click the Type Tool on the toolbar on the left.
  • Write the text as you wish.
  • Further, adjust the type font and size them on the tab Properties.
  • After that, please block the image and text objects by pressing the Shift key.
  • Right-click in the drawing area.
  • Select the Make Clipping Mask menu.
  • The end result will be like the following image.
  • Done.

For the final result above, I have combined it with a clipping mask in the form of a shape. It’s enough to see the difference.

The final word

The final result of the created clipping mask can be different. Depending on the type of shape or writing, as well as the image used.

It is recommended that the manufacturing process is not rushed. Make sure it is in accordance with what I described so that it is neat. So, if you need advice on this topic, you can send it directly through the comments column below.

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