How to Make a Deepfake on Android 2021 | Benefits & Risks

Lately a lot of people ask how to make a deepfake on Android. Yes, this application is indeedboomingamong Android users.

This application has the full name Deepfake MyHeritage where its main feature isanimating photos. Are you curious about how to use MyHeritage’s Deepfake on Android?

How to Make a Deepfake on Android 2021 | Benefits & Risks
How to Make a Deepfake on Android 2021 | Benefits & Risks

To make a Deepfake on Android, of course, you must have the application first. You can download via the Google Play Store. we will explain more information in the discussion section.

However, some users admit that the application cannot be opened on Android. Therefore, just in case you may need a VPN application. So, instead of getting curious about how to make Deepfake MyHeritage, just take a look at the reviews below.

What is MyHeritage’s Deepfake?

MyHeritage Deepfake is the newest application produced by This service just a few weeks ago caused a stir among Indonesians. Not without reason, through Deepfake you can make photos of your loved ones come alive again.

Even so, some people think that the service can have a bad effect on its users. But not a few think that Deepfake MyHeritage offers its own excitement.

How to use this application is also different from the android photo edit applicationin general. Deepfakes can be used in a more simple and practical way.

How to make a deepfake on Android

To install the Deepfake MyHeritage service on an Android smartphone, you need to prepare an internet connection.

In addition, a supporting application in the form of a VPN may also be needed if there are problems when running MyHeritage Deepfake. Now, if you have now follow the procedure as follows:

Open the Google Play Store
Type the keywordMyHeritagein the searchfield. Then tapInstallin the search results.

Tap Menu Photos
If so, nowrunDeepfake MyHeritage and select thePhotosmenu on the main page.

Tap the Add Icon
In the next screen, please tap theAdd (+)icon in the lower right corner.

Select Photos
After that,specify the photosin the Android Gallery. If so, tap theCheckicon(√)in the upper right corner.

Use the Leftmost Tools
Then tapToolson the left to make the photomove.

Now you havesuccessfullymade a Deepfake on Android. Please save the result via theSaveicon in the upper right corner.

Benefits of Using Deepfake on Android

We may have mentioned above regarding the benefits of the Deepfake application for Android users. But to be more specific, here we summarize some of the benefits of this application:

1. Treating Missing People Who Have Died

This application can make photos offamily, relatives andeven deceasedloverscome back to life. So that it can treat a little of their homesickness.

2. Can make a deepfake on photos in physical form (already printed)

Deepfake can also move photos that have been printed through theScan Photos & Docsfeature . This feature is very useful for those of you who don’t have photos in the form of files.

3. Can be used for free without the need for a subscription

The third benefit is that it costs nothing to use Deepfake. So, you make Deepfake freely without the need to subscribe.

Deepfake Risks for Android Users

Apart from the above benefits, using MyHeritage’s Deepfake also has some risks. What are the risks? see in full below:

1. There is a risk of being misused by irresponsible parties

In this sophisticated era, it is possible that the theft of digital data is carried out by irresponsible individuals. So, be wise in making a deepfake on Android or other devices.

2. There are still some BUGs

Since it was recently released, this app still has some BUG or technical issues.


So to make Deepfake MyHeritage only requires an internet connection on an Android smartphone. Apart from that, we also explained above that you might need to install a VPN as a solution when Deepfake can’t be opened. Then it should be noted that this service has both benefits and risks for its users.

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