How to Make a Doll on Dollify

The Dollify app is the new trend on social media and allows anyone to create a personalized doll (caricature) to use as an avatar.

A new fashion is making the head (and avatars) of social networks. Although Dollify has been released for some time, it has been a few days since it caught the attention of most Brazilian users. With it you can create a doll (caricature) to use on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp.

How to Make a Doll on Dollify
How to Make a Doll on Dollify

The application that has its name derived from the word Doll, which means “Doll” in English, is available for free download on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets ( iPhone and iPad).

Launched late last year, Dollify has now topped the list of most downloaded software on the App Store and Google Play Store, beating giants like WhatsApp, Instagram andYouTube in downloads last month.

The app is easy to use and allows you to modify various aspects of your design so that it has the same features as the user.

How to make a doll on Dollify?

After downloading the app to your smartphone you can customize almost anything except the rounded shape of the face, which makes the avatar look like a puppet.

When you open the app, the first thing it asks is what your gender is, so that from there, you can create a puppet from scratch. There are 14 personalization categories, which include eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows, hair, earrings and necklaces. There is also the possibility to use popular Instagram and Facebook filters.

As you can see from a large number of editing categories, there are many possible combinations possible, which makes a characterization that is your face easier to achieve.

The finish that Dollify allows is impressive. From the size of the mouth to expression marks, signs and freckles, you can make your doll look a lot like you.

Want to make a caricature of yourself?

1. As we said, the first thing to be done is the choice of gender, in the options for male and female;

2. After choosing your gender, you should choose your skin tone, which has a lot of color options and should suit most people.

3. You should now choose the eye, eyelash and eyebrow shapes, as well as the colors that most closely match your features.

4. As with the choice of eyes and eyebrows, you must choose between the available hair and beard models, and likewise with the colors.

Note: The colors of the eyes and eyebrows can be changed by clicking on the color fan, which is on the right side of the application screen. After opening the fan, just tap the shade you want.

5. Now you will choose your doll’s hair style.

7. Customize your hair color by clicking on the color fan on the right.

8. Choose your doll’s clothes. You can choose one of the available models and customize the color of the garments.

There are two colors to choose from. The first list chooses the main color of the outfit, and the bottom list changes some details of the outfit.

9. In addition to the shirt, there is also an option to add a sweater to your avatar.

Just like the underwear, you’ll have several different designs and two color lists, with the first list choosing the main color of the outfit, and the bottom list changing some of the outfit’s details.

10. Choose the shape of your avatar’s mouth.

11. If you have freckles, you can choose one of the models that best suits you.

12. You can place a sign (paint) anywhere on your face, and you can change the size, color and opacity of your brand.

13. On the last tab you will find accessories such as glasses, necklace and earrings.

14 . The next step is finishing, where you can add a background to your doll. You can add different colors on the back of your avatar or even a real background photo.

Tip: You can add an image with a blurred background, as well as photos taken with the iPhone portrait mode and many other modern smartphones. Here you can adjust the blur level with the blur tool.

To finish your caricature, you can add Instagram filters like kitten face, dog ears and the rainbow in front of the face.

After finishing all the adjustments to your doll, just download the image on your smartphone and use it normally on your social networks.

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