How to Make a Timeline in Power Point

Thetimeline in Power Pointis a function of the program that allows you to create a chronology by adding events, images, or any other type of visual element to establish an order of events, in a given time.

How to Make a Timeline in Power Point
How to Make a Timeline in Power Point

How to Make a Timeline in Power Point

This function can be very useful to carry out certain jobs in which it is required to reflect certain dates, as it is a very visual way of representing the information.

If you want to learn how to make a PowerPoint timeline from your computer, don’t miss the next step by step.

Thetimelinesare extremely useful for making any type of PowerPoint presentation: they can be historical moments, specific time intervals to evaluate data, the most important events in a person’s life … In addition, it is easy and very entertaining to do.

By following the steps indicated below, you will be able to access all the functionalities and create your own personalized timeline, without difficulty.

Step by step to create a timeline with Power Point

  • The first step to know how to make a timeline in Power Point is to access the program where we can choose what type of design we want to use to make our timeline. From here, you must click on Insert> Smart Art.
  • When we have the chosen design, we must add the elements that will form the line. To do this, we can choose from numerous color and shape options.
  • Finally, you can write the text you need in each of the sections: the date of that moment, the title of the event, or any other type of data. You can apply the format you want to the text, changing the size or font.
  • You can add or remove certain points as you need. To do this go to the tab: Design> Add shape> Add shape after / Add shape before.
  • Delete the shape you don’t need. Click on it and click on «Delete».
  • Move it to the space of the line you need by clicking Design> Move Up / Move Down.

These simple steps will help youcreate different timeline designs. Choose the one that is most related to the type of information you want to reflect and your project will be very professional.

Thetimelinesallow you to visualize a multitude of data and moments in just a few steps. It is a very visual and excellent tool for presenting any type of work.

In educational areas, it is a very good resource to facilitate study, so now that you know how to make a PowerPoint timeline, don’t stop using it!

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