How To Make A Video From Zoner Photo Studio X

Zoner Photo Studio X: The photos themselves can be boring, but if you make a video and add music to them, the presentation of your holiday becomes more interesting.

How to Make a Video from Zoner Photo Studio X
How to Make a Video from Zoner Photo Studio X

In addition to regular slideshows, some browsers also offer you music. But it will never be as good as creating a video yourself in advance.

How to Make a Video from Zoner Photo Studio X

When you learn how to create videos from photos, it is a good idea to try timelapse. Zoner came up with the opportunity to make a video out of photos more than two years ago.

Later, the developers shortened the minimum snapshot display time, giving the opportunity to create time-lapse videos. Such works of art full of fast dramatic clouds over the city that you can try quite easily by yourself.

In Zoner Photo Studio X, the video feature is part of the Create module in addition to creating physical products (photo book, calendar, postcards). Lets you produce Full HD video at 30 or 60 frames per second.

Although the program also offers low resolution or 15 frames per second, so less than Full HD at 30 frames makes no sense. We expect the addition of 4K from the next version of the program.

Three steps

    • You select photos on the main screen, and a video can even include another video. The whole thing is very simple, just choose the transition effect (best looks feather), the effect of zoom and display duration of individual images.
    • At the end, insert the music from a separate file, ZPS does not offer its own sounds. You have the option of automatically adjusting the length of the slides to the length of the song, but the music can end smoothly in half.
    • The video can be played even before it is saved, the actual production of the file is a matter of tens of seconds, depending on its length and performance of the computer. Finally, press the Save Video button and ZPS X will generate an MP4 (H.264) file. You can upload it to Youtube or Vimeo and share it with your friends.

Timelapse for beginners

You can also create a timelapse video in the same way. Journalists at the press conference have requested this feature and the developers have really added it, this is not often the case. The only change from the previous instructions will be to set the duration of one image. The ideal value for this case is about 3 frames and 0 seconds and the Timelapse Removal check box is checked .

It is much more difficult to take suitable photos to make timelapse. To make the result smooth, there should be several hundred. You will need a tripod and patience. In addition, not every camera offers such a function, but it is not only a privilege of expensive SLR cameras.

Place the camera on a tripod in a convenient place, let it take a picture every half minute, and have fun with something else for a long time. How much will you find out at home, first attempts are more for fun.

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