How to Make an Invoice in Word For Free

No Canva, No Excel and No Login! We will discusshow to make an invoice in Word for freeand complete in this tutorial. I am sure that there are many friends who don’t know that we can make invoices in Word easily and hassle-free.

Make an Invoice in Word
Make an Invoice in Word

If you usually use Excel and make all the invoice arrangements from scratch and manually, then Compiration guarantees, you will find it very helpful with the compiled tutorial below.

How to make an invoice in Word for free

1. Open the MS application or software. Word on Laptops, PCs and Computers

The first thing you have to do is open the Microsoft Word application or software on your laptop / PC. Also make sure your laptop / pc is connected to the internet and has a version from the year 2010 and above!

When you open the ms. word, you will see the last word file display, you open it along with a collection of template sheets on the right.

2. Click “New

If you are opening another document that is running in the Word application, you can press the “File” menu button in the upper left corner of the Ms. software display. Word.

In this step, don’t choose theblank documentoption like you usually do! We will continue how to create an invoice in Word in step 3 below.

3. Select “Search For Online Templates

You will find a search field “Search for online templates” which you can use to search hundreds of templates for the needs of your job or company by using certain keywords or keywords.

4. Search for a template with the keyword “Invoice”

For how to create an invoice in Word, we type the keyword “Invoice” in the search field “Search for online templates” which we discussed in step three above. When you click the search sign, you will see 11 templates provided by MS Word which you can get for free.

5. Choose the template you like

After you find the invoice template provided by MS Word, all you have to do is choose the template you like and click on the template to continue to the next stage.

6. Edit the contents of the invoice template according to your transaction and company information

Later, you will see the invoice template page that you have chosen opens in MS Word software and you can edit it as you like with your personal data, your work or your company.

You can change the information for the giver and recipient of the transaction, the invoice number and other things needed on how to make an invoice in Word.

Below are 3 of the 11 examples of templates provided by MS Word and have been changed by Kompirasi only by editing the format provided by the invoice template.

This template contains a format that contains instructions on what you should change and the contents of the template provided by MS Word.

7. Save the invoice in PDF / Word format

After you change the invoice template according to your company’s needs and needs, you can save the invoice file in word or pdf format. You only need to click on the “save as” menu in ms word and save the invoice to the file format you need.

You can also print out your invoice directly by using the shortcut “crtl + P” and choose the name or version of the printer that matches the printer you are using and is connected to your laptop / pc / computer.

Well … That’s a tutorial on how to make an invoice in Word that you can share on this occasion. Hopefully this can be useful for friends who need a free invoice and need a word version template that is easy to edit or change.

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