How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos

Yes, at first glance it seems like a bit of a far-fetched idea. How is that possible? As far as is known, on YouTube there are users who create content and users who consume it. Those creators, or also known as “Youtubers”, earn a lot of money for uploading videos.

Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos
Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos

How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos

But it is not so easy, because to win it they must be able to position themselves on the platform, not have thousands but millions of visits and other tools. This plan certainly takes time, plus it must adhere to statistics and payment requirements.

What would you think when you discovered that there is a way tomake money on YouTube without making videosand without leaving your house? Let’s find out.

Method to earn money on YouTube

To get started, you’ll be happy to know the things you DON’T need to do:

  • Without making videos.
  • Without using your voice.
  • Without turning on your camera.
  • Without recording your screen.
  • Without paying for any additional programs or software.

We have discovered some strategies that we DO need to aim for:

Affiliate Marketing

In this method, we will be selling a product. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t create a product from scratch, you should just promote someone else’s. These products can be an object, a program or even a course. Once you manage to sell it, you will get a commission.

How do I start?

Thanks to technology and the internet, we will not have to go from house to house. There are platforms to carry out this business. Upon entering, register as a Market Affiliateand select a product that you would like to promote.

By clicking on it, you will find the “Complete my registration” button. And this will give you a link that corresponds to your affiliate link. What should you do now? Go back to YouTube, if you are not signed in, do so to get started.

Share this link through the comments on videos with more than 5,000 visits. It is also recommended in the chat section on a channel that hasLive streaming active. There is a possibility that someone will enter and buy the product. Consequently, you earn your commission.

Of course, the most logical thing is tolook for videos related to this product. If, for example, you have entered a video that talks about “relationship problems”. There it would be ideal to add a comment expressing how you have solved yours with this book.

How much can I earn with this method?

Let’s say the book“How to save your relationship”has a commission of US $ 19.57. This would be what you could earn for each person who purchases this product. Now let’s think big, let’s go to a video that has 4 million views.

Believe it or not, let’s calculate it at 1%. We know that it may seem little, but when you calculate it for 4 million it does not go so bad, you will see why.

4,000,000 x 0.01 = 40,000 (people who clicked). If we are going to earn $ 19.57 for each unit, we multiply those 40,000 x 19.57, which gives you$ 782,800.

Let’s do business

Not all people go to comments unless there is acall to action. In other words, an invitation to comment on what you think of the video, or tell your experience. Unless this video is very controversial, of course (which is even better).

Now, if we contact the owner of the channel that achieves that number of views, we can convince him to place our link in his description. In this way, there are more chances of raising the 1% we were talking about.

It is true that this profit will not be only for you, and thatyou must share 50% with him. Under the above calculations, we would earn $ 391,400.

And you will be able to convince those who do not include any type of link in their videos, no one has contacted them to offer them this business.

And just as there is this video of “couple relationships” there are many more. Not counting the variety and quantity of products that you can find at Hotmart to build your strategy.

What can I do if I am a YouTuber?

This method is not only valid for people who are not Youtubers. On the contrary, if you already have a channel with a fixed audience and many views, that would be even better. Since you would not have to share your profit with a third party.

Let’s take a hypothetical example where your channel is dedicated to design or photography. If you are a professional photographer, you cannot miss this opportunity to earn more money.

As a passionate content creator, upload a video to your channel where you add the links to these related products.

Some ideas to introduce the products in a subtle way can be:

  • My first experience as a photographer.
  • Recording anecdotes or stories.
  • How to make better shots of the product?

On the other hand, there are students or passionate about this same art who look for reviews and opinions of cameras on the internet.

So it is a way to go directly to that audience by exposing which are the best cameras on the market. Or also, what accessories you should have if you are a photographer.

This will be easier if you have created an environment of trust in your audience. People who know what you are talking about and that if you have made a review it is because it is worth reviewing.

Do not limit yourself, adapt your products to the area you develop. You could even do the same method from your channel and also in collaboration with other content creators, why not?

Amazon Affiliates and Other Affiliate Sites

By joining this Amazon Affiliate programyou get your profit without margin of error. Since something else can happen that we cannot rule out: the person has bought a different product than the one you have promoted.

And nothing happens, becauseyour code is valid for 24 hoursafter the user enters Amazon with the link you have provided. Here you get a7 to 12% commissionso it would be advisable to bet on excellent products at an affordable price.

Start by creating your Amazon account if you have not done so already, and enter your affiliate channel. It will ask you for all the data corresponding to the nature of your website or channel: nature of the channel, ideal products, among other things.

We recommend that, upon completing your registration and selecting the link for your product, you choose toshorten the web address with your affiliate code.

That is, you do not want to send an address style to give an example, since it does not generate trust.

Other affiliate pages:

  • ActiveCampaing
  • GetResponse
  • Godaddy
  • InstaPage
  • TubeBuddy
  • Shopify
  • Rakuten

Where did the idea of ​​Affiliate Marketing come from?

This method of earning money is not taught at school, and unless you are pursuing a related career, not at university either. In 1996Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon came up with a way to earn more money through his online store.

The idea welcomed informal vendors and the company. Where that commission for selling BOOKS (products available for the date) you could earn it by referring other users.

You have to aim the magnifying glass on this since at that time social networks did not exist. Let’s look at the case of YouTube, which is the one we have on the table today.The platform did not come out until February 14, 2005.

It was not until 2018 that this method really began to be applied on YouTube, once users saw the reach they had.

Can Affiliate Marketing Really Be Earned?

We have seen how influential youth who chose this method have achieved6- to 7-digit billings on their bank accounts. And so have those who do not have their own channel.

What does this mean? Just ordinary people can earn a lot of money serving the needs of other users through YouTube. And of course, they struggled and risked a plan that might or might not work.

Currently, there is so much movement in the networks that any click they make on your link counts. And under this concept, if they buy the product much better since the commission is higher.

A Colombian user named Ángel David Palma Henao applying from Hotmartobtained $ US 10,000 in less than 3 monthsapproximately. Without a doubt, he earned more than his entire family put together. So yes, it is possible to make a living from Affiliate Marketing.

Starts now

  1. Sign upfor Affiliate Marketing sites.
  2. Find a video that has many views,is positioned, or failing that, a channel with many subscribers.
  3. Select a productsuitable for your objective.
  4. Contact the YouTuberthrough the “More information” button located on the main page of the channel. There you will find his email.
  5. Leave him ashortmessageinviting him to contact you if he wants to earn money from his YouTube videos, this is already very encouraging.
  6. Do business and start making money on YouTube without making videos.

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