How to Quickly Make Screenshots in Windows 10

If you want to make screenshots in Windows 10 to make a tutorial like the one you are reading right now, or for other purposes. You can use the following method to make screenshots.

How to Quickly Make Screenshots in Windows 10
How to Quickly Make Screenshots in Windows 10

How to Quickly Make Screenshots in Windows 10

Here I show you some ways that you can use to make screenshots

Method 1: Use the Screen Shot Button on the Keyboard

If you look at laptop and computer keyboards, there will be a“PrtScr” / “PrntScrn” / “PrtSc” button. When you press the button, Windows will capture your computer screen and save it on the clipboard. Then you just need to paste it in the application you want.

Press thePrntScnbutton , then paste the screenshot in the paint application, microsoft word, photoshop or other applications. Then you can save it.

Method 2: Windows Key + PrintScr

If you want to save the screenshot automatically, press the Windows Logo key and the PrntScr key at the same time.

You can find screenshots in the picture > screenshot folder folder

Method 3: Screenshot of Active Windows

To make a screenshot of a specific area, pressWindowskey+ Shift + Sthen select the area you want to screenshot.Watch the video for the demo.

Method 4: Use Snipping Tools

To make screenshots more flexible, you can use the snipping tool that is already in Windows. You can open it via the start menu, just typeSnipping Tool.There are several screenshot modes that you can choose from, ranging from screenshots of all screen areas, active windows and certain areas.Watch the video for the demo.

Method 5: Using the PicPick Application

One application that is capable of making screenshots on windows is the picpick application. This application has complete features almost the same as the snipping tool and is equipped with an editor that makes it easy to process images after taking screenshots.

That’s an easy way to make screenshots on Windows 10.

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