Things to Consider When Making a Map on a Free Map Maker

What according to you is a good map? A good map is a vehicle for effective communication. but it is not very easy to create a map on your own. there is some principle that needs to be followed to create an effective map.

Making a Map on a Free Map Maker
Making a Map on a Free Map Maker

Things to Consider When Making a Map on a Free Map Maker

There are many free map makers also available in the market but to create the map by using them also needs some knowledge.

In this post, we will be looking at the things to consider when making a map!

1. Geographical bounds

You should consider the geographic area to be mapped as it will affect the cartographic choices such as map projection, map data, and symbology choices. Make sure that the geographic area of a map is restricted to an extent of the subject of the map.

2. Background data element

Data on the map is included for two common reasons- to support the subject of the map and to give orientation (e.g. point of interest, cities, and streets). When making a map it is important that you choose the data which is relevant to the subject and current to the map.

For example, selecting an outdated street layer for the current project is of no use if that area and streets have changed. Make sure that your map includes recent locations and their out layers.

Also, adding too much to the map leads to noise and trouble in understanding the message of the map. Thus make sure only important things are included in the background and exclude others.

3. Symbolisation

Making a Map on a Free Map Maker
Making a Map on a Free Map Maker

Selecting symbols for a map will either make a map or break it. Thus, it is a very important factor to consider when designing a map on a free map maker.

The color choices, icons, line width, and labeling affect, readability and the message of the map. Make sure symbols are created to give the message you want.

Consider the audience whom you want to see the map and then design a symbol. For children bright colors and less complex symbols are good. For the general audience use laicizing terms. And for color-blind audiences use contrasting colors.

4. Labels

Labeling all the features on a map can be tempting and block the underlying features. This also makes the map cluttered and confuses the audience.

While it may be tempting to label all features shown on a map, doing so can block underlying features, create a cluttered looking map, and create confusion.

5. Incorporating map elements

Making a Map on a Free Map Maker
Making a Map on a Free Map Maker

Another important thing to considering when making a map is to see if all the elements of the map are properly to offer readers a clear idea about your message.

Also, make sure that the title of the map is clear and concise. Also, don’t forget to include a scale in your map.

While some cartographers disagree to include the north arrow or the scale bar. However, adding a scale bar and not an arrow is useful in some cases.

6. Metadata

You must include the metadata on your map or any other useful information that can be used by the viewers. Lastly don’t forget to add the name of the author of the map in the reference.

7. Map layout

You can add the map layout like landscape layout or any other depending upon the elements of the map. Adding the map layout makes it more appealing and easy to understand the motive of the map.

These are few things that you can keep in your mind when making a map.

Free map maker makes it easier to create the map according to your desire without having trouble. You can also try up the map maker application by downloading it to your laptop or computer or phone.

Steps to make a map using free map maker

Making a Map on a Free Map Maker
Making a Map on a Free Map Maker

You have to enter the addresses or location data on a spreadsheet. As soon as he completed the data entry on the spreadsheet you have to click on the set invalidate option.

Make sure that everyone’s address is arranged properly. Click on create map option to make a title of the map. Also, add a description of the map as it will help the user to understand the map.

By sending an email address to the free map maker you can also get the link to your map you created. This will help to include the map easily in your website or the presentation. When the user will click on the link the map will open up.

Benefits of the map in business

1. Locate your business

Maps are very important and useful in businesses. Having a map on your website makes it easier for the users or clients to reach your business. You can locate your company, pin it and make it easier for viewers to visit you!

Looking at the map one can also get a fair idea about whether your shop or business is near or far from their location. Thus, they can decide to visit or not visit you.

2. Contact the business

Making a Map on a Free Map Maker
Making a Map on a Free Map Maker

By accessing the map user can also get the company’s other information such as email address, phone number, and an exact address. Company or business or shop can add all these details to the map and so users can contact them.

3. Customer credibility

One way to make the audience trust you is to add reviews. You can add reviews on the maps so that viewers can build trust by seeing that. That way more users will trust your services and thus, the customer base will increase.

4. Display images

One can add images to the map so that viewers can get an insight into the business. Including good pictures may also appeal to the customers to shop and get your services.

These are all the benefits of adding a map to your website or presentation, etc. You can also now build a map and add it to your website or in the presentation. You can make use of free map maker and subscribe to its packages to get other features to easily customize your maps.

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