Making Millions Playing Poker

You are planning to be the next Phil Ivey or the Dan Cates of the poker world, and you are curious about the fastest way to make millions playing poker in your favorite casino?

Making Millions Playing Poker
Making Millions Playing Poker

Making Millions Playing Poker

It’s interesting to have these people to look up to, but what is more interesting is cultivating their habits and learning their strategy to help you make your own first million. Here are a few tips you can adopt from these mega poker stars to improve your game and earn more money.

1. Learn the Ropes

You don’t go to the poker table with the expectation of winning big without understanding how the game works. If you are a novice, then wager a reasonable sum that you can afford to lose and don’t expect a huge winning result. However, if you must win big, you have to learn the ropes of poker.

Understand the tricks of using the fifty-two cards to establish a win. It would be best to learn the value of each of the cards and their scoring. A poker hand consists of five cards, and each of the cards has a rank.

If you are a beginner, you can play online poker games at to improve your understanding of card values and scores as well as your overall understanding of poker games.

2. Play Poker Tournaments

Making Millions Playing Poker
Making Millions Playing Poker

You cannot win big just by going to the casino and placing risky bets at the poker table.Some of the multimillionaires in poker are big tournament winners.

A player like Chris Moneymaker is a classic example of a player who has made several millionaires by sticking to big tournaments.Only a few walk-in and online casinos offer you a real chance to be rich through poker.

Also, you don’t have to be a pro to participate in tournaments. There are tournaments with real winning chances for amateurs. Maybe you won’t become a millionaire, but formulating useful poker strategies will eventually set you up for good with consistency and capacity building.

Also, there are online-based tournaments that you can take advantage of too. However, be ready to pay some “not too cheap” entry fees.

3. High Stakes Poker

Players are grinding hard playing high stakes poker, but funding your bankroll to do this is not an easy task for everyone. Blinds in these high-stakes poker games can be as expensive as $10,000.

We know for certain that the Bellagio Casino features blinds of up to $4000, and the profit margin for these blinds is crazy. Imagine winning a blind that offers a fifty percent gain.

This means that a $4k to $8k blind per hour can give you up to $160,000 if you roll in wins for forty hours straight. It is not all that easy, but with a strict 20 buy-in bankroll management principle, for high stakes poker, you will roll into millions pretty soon. Although this requires excellent poker knowledge, superstar players have done it, and so can you.

4. The Multi-Table Games

This is for poker lovers who don’t have the kind of bankroll that high-stakes poker may require or want to play in tournaments. One would rather think it is impossible to win millions using $1 stakes.

However, Randy Lew did it using a rack-back multi-table poker machine. How possible is this? The system is simple. All you have to do is take your winning strategies across many tables and collect the rack back of the small winnings in the process.

This species of poker requires very fast decision-making skills because you will be playing more than one table, and you will need to be on top of your game on all tables.

This might not be easy for beginners, but with training and consistency, handling these tables and winning on them won’t be such a hard task anymore.

5. Leverage of Social Media

If you are pro enough, you may start your career as a coach on YouTube or even Twitter, harnessing the power of social media to create content that may bring you an impressive income in the long run.

Channels like Doug Polk Poker have more than two hundred thousand followers on YouTube willing to learn poker strategies. This may not give you the ultimate poker challenge feeling if this is what you want, but it might be a striking option considering how much YouTube pays for content.

Final Thoughts

Aside from leveraging on social media, online casinos and poker brands are on the lookout for figures they can be associated with.

You may land impressive sponsorship or endorsement deals with these establishments through your skills or your presence on social media as an expert poker player. The opportunity is quite limitless for poker, leaving you to answer the ultimate question: what are you leveraging on?

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