How to Maximize Adsense Revenue on WordPress

In this article, I will share tips on how to increase your AdSense revenue, give you a list of some WordPress themes that are optimized for AdSense, and share a list of plugins that can help you increase your AdSense revenue.

How to Maximize Adsense Revenue on WordPress

How to Maximize Adsense Revenue on WordPress

Optimal Adsense Size and Placement

Adsense revenue depends on how users interact with ads on your website, strategic ad placement is essential to increase your Adsense revenue.

In our experience, the most successful AdSense measures are:

  1. 336 x 280 (Large Square)
  2. 300 x 250
  3. 728 x 90
  4. 160 x 600
  5. Responsive Ads if your website is responsive

The ideal ad placements are in the header of your site, above the content, between the content, and right after the content.

Sidebar ads rarely have a good click-through rate (CTR) so it’s best to avoid using them.

The general rule of thumb is that you should place at least one ad unit above the fold (Above the fold) of your website. Above the fold is the area visible to users when they land on your website without scrolling.

Adsense ad placements that should be avoided

There are some AdSense placements that you really want to avoid altogether because they can result in your account being terminated.

Floating Scroll Ads– Some publishers use floating sidebar widgets or floating footer bars to display ads that scroll along with the user scrolling. This violates Adsense policy so don’t do it.

Popup Ads– This type of ad also violates AdSense policies, and you should avoid this placement.

Advertisements above pagination– Pagination is a post that is divided into several parts. Don’t place Google ads in every pagination section to avoid getting warnings from Google.

Then, whatever you do, NEVER click on your own ads. Because that’s a sure way to get banned by Google.

Automatically insert Adsense Ads into every post

Many WordPress themes, especially premium themes, already provide theme options related to automatic ad placement.

If the theme you are using does not support automatic ad placement, you can also use a third-party plugin to do this. After trying various plugins, the one I recommend most is the Advanced Ads plugin.

This free plugin can be said to be complete with features and good quality in managing Adsense ads or other advertisements automatically. This plugin also provides paid options which will provide more useful features.

I will discuss how to use this plugin in a future article.

Optimized WordPress theme to increase Adsense revenue

While you can add Google AdSense to any WordPress theme, there are some WordPress themes that are more optimized for ads. These themes have special areas where you can place ad code or have layouts that allow you to insert ads in optimized locations.

Here are some AdSense optimized WordPress themes that you can use.

  1. RedWaves Lite (Free)
  2. MH Newsdesk
  3. Digital (Free)
  4. MH Squared
  5. ProMax (Free)
  6. TruePixel
  7. ModernMag

For the Asaljeplak website itself, I use several themes, namely Newspaper 8, a premium theme that loads pages quickly and is suitable for magazine or news style websites. I use this on websites outside the main website (portal), while for the main website I use the theme Coolist is no less fast.

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