Mediaset Play On Fire Stick: How To Do It?

Mediaset Play on Fire Stick: Is it possible to download and install the Mediaset Play application on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick ? This is article, we will describe you how to install mediaset play on fire stick.

Mediaset Play on Fire Stick: How to do it?
Mediaset Play on Fire Stick: How to do it?

Mediaset Play on Fire Stick

In today’s guide we are going to answer a question that many readers of YLU have asked me lately. In particular, in this article we will see if it is possible to install the Mediaset Play application on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and, if so, we will see how to do it. 

It is in fact a very sought after topic on Google and, trying to do some research, I noticed that there is a lot of confusion online . It therefore seemed right to publish an article that would clarify the issue and provide precise information to all users interested in this topic.

So if you also have the fantastic Amazon key and are looking for a way to install the Mediaset Play app on it, in this article we will answer all the questions.

Let’s not waste time unnecessarily and start with the guide.

Mediaset Play on Amazon Fire Stick: is it possible?

Without wasting your time, I tell you right away that today it is NOT possible to download and install the Mediaset Play app on the Fire TV Stick. 

The application, in fact, is not present on the Amazon application store and, to make matters worse, even if you manually install it on the stick, this does not work properly and does not allow us to use it.

As I just told you, therefore, at the moment there is NO way to install the Mediaset Play app on the Amazon key.  If there is news in the future, of course I will update the guide immediately, but at the moment there is no working solution. 

However, there are alternative procedures to achieve your goal, procedures that we will see below.

See Mediaset Play on Amazon Fire Stick – Solution 1

The first alternative I recommend is not very comfortable, but still works in a dignified way.

All you need to do is:

  • turn on the Smart TV
  • launch the Fire TV Stick screen / channel
  • open the internet browser (or maybe download Firefox from the Amazon App Store, it’s a free and really well done internet browser)
  • go to the website
  • do login with your account if required
  • choose the video to see among the many available
  • start playback

In theory everything should work without major problems, but remember that Mediaset at any time could block the operation of its site on the Fire TV Stick.  As long as it works, however, it is a good method to see Mediaset Play on Amazon Fire Stick  in the absence of an official app.

If this first solution doesn’t work, you can try the second one.

See Mediaset Play on Fire TV Stick – Solution 2

Fortunately, even if the app you’re interested in doesn’t work on the Fire Stick, there is an alternative procedure that I can recommend. It won’t be quite the same, but at least it will work. Here are the steps to follow.

First of all, take your Android device and download the official Mediaset Play ( LINK ) app from the Play Store. Once the download is complete, start the app and, if you don’t have it yet, create a new profile for free and quickly (just enter your email and password).

At this point, also finished creating the new account, turn on the Smart TV and, from the remote control, look for the functionality that allows you to take advantage of screen duplication / mirroring / casting. 

Unfortunately this process changes from TV to TV, so I can’t explain in detail the steps to follow. In case of problems, I can advise you to consult the instruction manual of your TV to access this menu.

After activating the mirroring / casting screen on the Smart TV, it’s time to go back to the Android smartphone.

Open the Mediaset Play app and choose the video to watch. When the video has opened, click on the mirroring icon and choose your Smart TV or Fire TV Stick from the available options.

In a few moments the video will appear on the TV screen and you can easily see the episode you want directly on the TV from your smartphone.


Unfortunately, there are currently no better alternatives to see Mediaset Play on Fire Stick. In case of news we will update the article.

For now, however, you just have to be patient as Mediaset doesn’t seem very interested in developing an official app for Fire Stick.

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