Microsoft Teams App Development: Future when Teams Voice is connected with Azure Communications Services

Which brand-new collaboration platform is the talk of the corporate world right now? Microsoft Teams comes out as one of the useful possibilities among the many available options.

Microsoft Teams App Development
Microsoft Teams App Development

Microsoft Teams App Development: Future when Teams Voice is connected with Azure Communications Services

With Microsoft Teams App Development, you can get hundreds of applications and connections to improve user interfaces and productivity.

But what if your company needs something particular?

In this blog, we examine the potential for creating unique Microsoft Teams applications as well as the potential outcomes of integrating Teams Voice with Azure Communications Services.

Let’s begin with:

Microsoft Teams App Development

A cloud-based platform for team collaboration called Microsoft Teams is offered as part of the Office 365 and Microsoft 365 product suites. Despite only having been introduced in 2017, the platform has more than 145 million users at this time.

The primary cloud-based unified communications (UC) platform of the corporation is called Microsoft Teams, and it competes with competitors like Slack, Cisco WebEx, and Google Workspace.

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What’s coming next for Microsoft Teams voice and app development?

Azure Communication Services will be used in the creation of Microsoft Teams voice apps in the future (ACS). Wherever your clients are, we can provide audio, video, chat, text, and PSTN telephone services thanks to ACS.

We can collaborate on your mobile platforms, websites, and applications. We can employ a dependable global platform that is already trusted by millions of users every day because of Azure’s size.

By streamlining your phone, video, and chat capabilities and integrating Microsoft Teams to enhance the user experience, PSSPL as your custom software development company in USA may enhance your customer interactions. VoIP and chat usage is only charged to your Azure resource when utilising Azure APIs and SDKs.

Your Microsoft 365 licenses include all usage for users interacting with ACS applications through the Microsoft Teams application.

How might ACS be applied at work?

It’s crucial to understand that ACS was designed with enterprise-level customers in mind, making it simple to scale up or down as needed.

Healthcare organizations have collaborated with their patients to create landing pages or websites that may accommodate a range of communication modalities.

What services is ACS capable of integrating into?

Through a variety of APIs and SDKs, ACS may be integrated with the following five primary communication services, allowing us to tap into their features:

  • Audio and video over IP meetings or one-on-one calls with up to 50 people.
  • Emojis, file sharing, message chat, content sharing, and conversation history are all features of chat.
  • Text messaging is SMS text messaging.
  • Calling over the phone is made possible by programs that connect to the public switch telephone network (PSTN) and use regular numbers for both inbound and outgoing calls.
  • Videos utilizing WebRTC’s Network Communication Services are able to use an open standard-based approach, eliminating the difficulties of managing a worldwide edge-based deployment.

We can put to rest any concerns we may have regarding the intricacy of network traversal and traffic thanks to the integration into Azure.

Once the solution is connected to Azure, Microsoft will take care of the connectivity for you utilizing one of the fastest real-time communication networks in the world, regardless of where it is located.

We may also provide authorized interactions using systems like Azure Active Directory or other widely used identity providers like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

When it comes to utilizing apps and ACS, the possibilities are endless.

Talk to our team at PSSPL if you have any questions or feedback about the aforementioned topic.

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