Migrate Your Store From WordPress/WooCommerce to Shopify

The fundamental difference between Matrixify and other methods for migrating data is that this method takes data directly from the WooCommerce API. This means that the amount of data is being accessed. It also leaves less room for errors during file processing for different templates.

Migrate Your Store From WordPress/WooCommerce to Shopify
Migrate Your Store From WordPress/WooCommerce to Shopify

Migrate Your Store From WordPress/WooCommerce to Shopify

Direct connection allows you to migrate any custom Shopify fields. Therefore, in the process of transferring information, it is not lost. You can also later use such metafields in your theme.

Provides the ability to transfer any images that are in the descriptions of your product or collections. This is necessary so that all images, including descriptions, are placed in Shopify, and not on the old server. In the future, you will still turn them off.

The following guide explains how you can migrate information from WooCommerce to Shopify:

  • goods, including those from garbage, archived;
  • collections from categories;
  • redirects that are generated from product links as well as categories to links in Shopify;
  • clients;
  • orders.

This guide can only be applied when working with WooCommerce API version 3 (WooCommerce version 3.5).

Steps to take to transfer your store

First you need to generate the WooCommerce API credentials. After that, we create a URL with credentials. Now you need to start a new imported job.

We check the information about the task and select the “Test run” option. You need to download and unzip the generated file. Images need to be uploaded to Shopify Files.

Before proceeding with the further procedure, you need to check the Excel file “Import_Result”. If everything is ok, it needs to be imported into the Matrixify app.

When everything is ready, you can be proud of the results you have achieved. If you do not know how to carry out moving from Woocommerce to Shopify, please contact our company.

Now let’s figure out the details of what needs to be done for this.

Create credentials

To get data about your online store Matrixify uses the WooCommerce API for this.

  • First, you need to get credentials that will be used in the future by Matrixify when you need access to WooCommerce.
  • To do this, you need to go to WordPress, then to WooCommerce, then to “Settings”, then to “Advanced” and “Rest API”, and now to “Add Key”.
  • You will be redirected to a page where you need to generate new credentials. Shopify theme customization is not the least important in this process.
Migrate Your Store From WordPress/WooCommerce to Shopify
Migrate Your Store From WordPress/WooCommerce to Shopify

The user is given the opportunity to set three fields:

  • Description where the name is entered for the credentials, there is no need to use a specific name, this is needed for reference;
  • User, you need to select him so that the application can access the API;
  • Permissions are required to read the store data, so you need to select the Read permission and then, when the fields are selected, Generate API Key.

After you do this, you will see the “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” fields. They will be needed in the next step.

Create WooCommerce API URL and Credentials

Matrixify will ask you to provide the URL and API credentials. From there, the application will receive information from the online store.

We start a new task

After you have received the URL, you can go to Matrixify, and specifically to “Import”. You can paste the URL here and then click the Download from URL button. On the new import page, you can make sure you’ve done everything right.

Checking the job details and then using the “Trial Run”

Here you can learn more about the information about the import job you want to run. There is also data to be imported, you need to check that the number of items is correct.

You need to be aware that the WooCommerce API for customers does not return those who created orders as guests and did not register an account with the store, so the quantity may not match what you see in the admin. But no need to worry, clients will be created with master data and addresses.

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