Moes TV Addon on Kodi – Installation Guide

This time we show you how to install Moes TV Addon on Kodi, one of the best accessories to watch TV channels in Spanish. Moes TV includes all the Spanish channels, both general and regional, as well as platforms such as A tres Player or Mi Tele.

Moes TV Addon on Kodi – Installation Guide

Moes TV Addon on Kodi – Installation Guide

Therefore, it is a great alternative, for example, if you do not have an antenna and you have to watch TV over the Internet in Spain.

It also includes some channels from other countries, although in this field perhaps the Magellan addon is more complete, another very good alternative to watch TV online.

The Moes TV addon is compatible with the latest versions of Kodi (Matrix 19 and Leia 18) and all devices capable of using them.

How to Install Moes TV Addon on Kodi

To install Moes TV addon on Kodi you can use both Luar and Kelebek. Here we will show you each of the options step by step:

Option 1 – Install Moes TV Addon on Kodi with Kelebek

The fastest and easiest is to use a Kelebek type addon to install Moes TV on Kodi. If you do not have it, here is a small guide to install it:

Kelebek addon: use and installation on Kodi. With Kelebek installed on Kodi, follow these steps:

1. Open Kodi and then go to the Add-ons section.

2. Then go to Program Add-ons and on the right click on Kelebek.

3. In the Kelebek menu go to the TV category.

4. Then select Moe’s TV, click on Install and wait until all the necessary dependencies are installed.

5. That’s it. Now you can go to Add-ons > Video Add-ons and launch Moe’s TV.

This plugin requires the Duff You addon and other dependencies to work properly, but Kelebek installs everything automatically.

Option 2: use Luar

The Luar addon also has Moes TV among its television addons. If you do not have it installed on Kodi you can follow this guide to do so:

How to install Luar addon on Kodi. Then follow these steps to install Moes TV on Kodi:

1. Open Kodi and go to the Add-ons menu again

2. Position the cursor on Program Add-ons and but this time click on Luar.

3. In Luar, open the By Categories > TV section and click on Moe’s TV.

4. A window will open. Click on install.

5. Before starting the installation you will have to choose a repository. Select the one corresponding to your version of Kodi.

In my case repository.GTking-Matrix because I use Kodi 19 Matrix. If you use version 18 you will have to choose Leia.

6. Finally click on Yes to restart Kodi (or do it manually if the restart does not occur) and Moes TV will be installed and operational.

As with Kelebek, Luar will take care of installing all the necessary dependencies for its proper functioning, so after that, all that remains is to enjoy it.

How does Moe’s TV work?

The operation of this addon is quite simple and intuitive, thanks to the fact that it has a well-organized menu.

To watch live broadcasts, simply enter the Live folder and look for the type of channel you want to watch, whether it is general, regional, etc.

Everything is organized in folders by autonomous communities or countries as the case may be. When you click on a channel you will see several viewing options. Choose one.

The streaming platforms of the various chains, on the other hand, are visible in the main menu.

Enter each one to see their respective contents organized in folders, be they series, movies, documentaries, etc.

All kinds of pre-recorded programs that TV channels share for free on the Internet, so they are perfectly legal, although here you save advertising and tedious web browsing for each channel.

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