Most Popular Automated Testing Frameworks: Definitive Overview

In software development, a lot rides on the success of the testing phase. Traditionally, testing was done manually, which consumed a lot of time. Manual testing is expensive and prone to errors. Automation testing is the new way companies adopt testing software to ensure its effectiveness.

Most Popular Automated Testing Frameworks
Most Popular Automated Testing Frameworks

Most Popular Automated Testing Frameworks: Definitive Overview

It provides a better execution speed and coverage. Automation testing saves time and is free of human assistance. It considerably minimizes errors which is a common issue when the testing is done manually and has proved to be the best testing framework for complex software. Here are the most popular automated testing frameworks in the market.


Functionize automated software testing offers automated software testing through an intelligent test agent. The agent uses various artificial intelligence-based techniques to come up with accurate results.

The main aim of Functionize is to simplify automated software testing and make it accessible to anyone, irrespective of their skill levels.

Functionize system works on two core technologies – Natural Language Processing (NLP) which enables users to write test plans in simple and plain English, in both structured and unstructured texts.

From there, ML engine takes over, where AI creates a functional model of the UI. During the modeling phase, the test plans communicate with the ML tool on the details of the site being tested.

In the last stage, this multi-dimensional data is converted into fully-functional, self-healing tests that produce exceptional results.


Katalon is used to run automation testing for iOS, Android, Web interfaces, and APIs. During testing, the tool generates analyzed reports and test records. The cross-browser tool was released in 2015 and is a free license tool.

It can be deployed on Linux, macOS, or Windows. It is a powerful multipurpose tool that is easy to use. It can create and reuse its UI test scripts and does not require coding to perform this. It’s programmed to work on the Selenium and Appium automation frameworks to offer dual scripting interfaces.

This makes it possible for users without coding knowledge to use the tool without help from experts. Above all, Katalon seamlessly performs remote testing, local testing and can support both parallel and sequential executions.


Appium is used to test apps for mobile phones. The open-source testing tool uses JSON wire protocol to allow users to perform UI automation testing for hybrid mobile apps, native, and web-based apps on iOS and android operating systems.

The automation testing software can be integrated on several other frameworks to perform testing across multiple platforms using reusable test scripts.

The Appium can be programmed using different languages such as JavaScript, PHP, and Python. It is a free tool that performs execution on different devices, various simulators, and emulators.


ACCELQ is used to perform automation testing for desktop, Web UI, mobile, and APIs. The tool is powered by artificial intelligence and does not require coding. Due to its powerful automation testing speed, ACCELQ enables companies to save more than 50 percent of testing costs.

It offers an all-inclusive subscription and will perform on any browser or and operating system. It is a cloud-based tool with a built-in framework for automated, actionable reporting without the need for vendor lock or programmer coding.


Selenium is a portable automation testing framework compatible with macOS, Windows, Firefox, Linux, Android, and Solaris. Its record and replay feature helps users without any coding knowledge to perform automation testing with ease.

>The tool supports all major programming languages, making it one of the most reliable automation testing frameworks. It performs cross-browser testing due to its WebDriver support feature.

Selenium comes in 5 components – the Selenium IDE, Selenium Client API, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Remote Control, and Selenium Grid.

These features have made Selenium one of the most widely used automation testing tools since its inception about 16 years ago. Its creators continually develop it to add more features for the best user experience.


Ranorex tests for mobile, web, and desktop. The automation tool does not require coding for test creation or recording, reusing test scripts, or replaying its testing phases.

It’s a user-friendly tool for inexperienced users due to its codeless interface. The testing tool can be integrated with other tools like Bamboo, Git, and Testrail.

Its object repository feature can be shared to save considerable time for testers. Its video reporting feature allows testers to view testing results without the need to run tests again. Its dynamic IDs feature allows users to perform object identification with ease.


TestComplete automates testing for web-based apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps. The tool can handle and recognize dynamic UI features in almost any type of technology due to its built-in features that support 3rd party frameworks and over 500 controls.

It can be programmed using multiple languages such as C++, JavaScript, VBScript, and Python. It’s a flexible tool that records, plays back, and has built-in keywords for manual and scripting modes.

Test Project

Test Project is a free automation testing tool for API, web, and mobile testing. It is a top-rated tool that offers user support from a large automation testing community. It’s user-friendly for users without programming knowledge because it uses a scriptless test recorder.

The tool supports over 200 addons and it has a built-in feature for integrating other testing tools. It’s a cloud-based testing tool with a page object repository and can import testing reports from other automation testing frameworks due to its advanced scripting SDK.

Avo Assure

Avo Assure is built to support more than 200 technologies. The tools allow users to perform automation testing to complex, end-to-end processes for businesses. It tests for SAP, mobile, Salesforce, web, Oracle, desktop, Mainframes, etc.

Its prebuilt library contains over 1500 keywords and can integrate a variety of other automation testing frameworks. The tool can be programmed to perform scheduled testing after a business closes for the day. Its advanced AI allows it to generate analyzed reports after completing testing processes.

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