Movistar Faces Netflix With Its Streaming Service: Movistar + Lite

Movistar + Lite comes to Android: for 8 euros you access the exclusive series of the platform, some of its channels, movies and other foreign series.

Movistar faces Netflix with its streaming service: Movistar + Lite
Movistar faces Netflix with its streaming service: Movistar + Lite

Movistar has long had its own streaming catalog on demand , although it was far from many users since prices are not exactly cheap; In addition to that it used to come with added services, such as Internet access or mobile lines. Now all that changes because Movistar + Lite arrives , the streaming service that faces you with Netflix .

Movistar + Lite is a subscription service very similar to the aforementioned Netflix , also HBO : with a “small” amount per month (8 euros) any user has access to the catalog that the platform makes available. Of course, it is much smaller than what a client of Movistar Fusión obtains , for example; in exchange for avoiding all added services.

Movistar + Lite begins facing Netflix with a reduced catalog and a handful of live channels

Everyone who wants to subscribe to the new service can now subscribe through the Movistar + Lite website . And the Android application is ready as it is the same one used for Movistar + ; So it has a main drawback: it reflects a good part of the catalog that is not accessible to Lite users. This gives a sense of carelessness and a certain interest in attracting users to much more expensive packages.

What does Movistar + Lite include ? Let’s see.

  • Movistar + Channels : # 0, #Vamos, Movistar Series, Movistar Seriesmanía, Fox, TNT, Comedy Central and AMC.
  • Access on demand to the Movistar series, also to other series that are not of their own production.
  • Movies and documentaries on demand broadcast on the channels within the package (300 movies).
  • Download content to Android mobile.
  • Live sport of the #Vamos channel. Neither LaLiga Santander nor the Champions is issued .
  • Available on Android phones, tablets and Android TV devices. Also on Smart TVs, iOS, Amazon Fire devices and through the web.
  • First month free .
  • Two simultaneous screens.

We have accessed the catalog and at the moment it is somewhat lazy compared to Netflix , for example. Yes it is true that Movistar + Lite has just started and that it needs some filming; and both have a similar cost for base access: Movistar + Lite costs 8 euros per month (7.99 euros Netflix).

The reproduction is adequate, it has Movistar ads at the beginning (they do not always appear) and it offers an application that, without being as good as Netflix’s, is enough to give access to reproductions. Of course, nothing to use the Google Chromecast : Movistar + Lite is almost doomed to be seen on the mobile (unless you have an Android TV or Smart TV).

You can now subscribe to Movistar + Lite if you are interested: the first month is free. And you can unsubscribe whenever you want in case you just want to try it.

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