Netflix For Mac: How To Download Netflix On Macbook

Netflix is ​​a giant in the streaming services industry and has maintained it for a long time. Windows users as well as mobile platforms appreciate the Netflix application, the ability to download and distribute at their convenience.

Netflix for Mac: How to download Netflix on Macbook
Netflix for Mac: How to download Netflix on Macbook

This has certainly raised the issue for many MacOS users: is Netflix available for Mac? Is there an application? How to download from Netflix on Mac?

This article will answer all these questions, as well as how to use and download Netflix on your Mac OS.

Netflix for Mac: How to download Netflix on Macbook

Here is everything you should know about it.

Is the Netflix app available for Mac?

Unfortunately no . For unknown reasons, Netflix does not have a desktop application for macOS, even though it has an application for Windows, Android, and iOS.

This means that to stream Netflix content, you will need to visit on one of the following browsers. Here is a list of supported browsers with broadcast quality:

  • Google Chrome up to 720p
  • Mozilla Firefox up to 720p
  • Opera up to 720p
  • Safari up to 1080p

How to use Netflix on MacOS

To use Netflix on your Mac , open one of the supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari .

  • In the web browser , visit .
  • Select the connection option in the upper right corner
  • Enter your credentials

That’s all! Start using Netflix for your Mac and broadcast all the available content you want!

How to download Netflix content on Mac

There are a multitude of websites that claim to provide the Netflix application for your Mac and you can easily download Netflix content. However, most of these Netflix for Mac applications are infested with malware and will hurt your Mac instead of helping you download Netflix content for Mac. Thus, there is no easy way to download Netflix movies and shows and watch shows.

However, here we have compiled 3 methods that you can use if you are really desperate to watch the downloaded content for Netflix on your Mac . Let’s start!

1. Download Windows on your Mac

Because Netflix is ​​available for Windows, you can download Windows to your Mac, run it, and install the Netflix app to view the downloaded content. It may seem a little tedious, but if you really want to download content from Netflix, it works.

Boot Camp is a tool in macOS that can help you install Windows on your Mac. Here is a complete guide on how to run Windows on Mac.

Once Windows is installed, you can visit the Windows Store and search for the Netflix app .
Get the Netflix app on the Windows Store, then log in to start using and downloading from Netflix!

2. Using another iOS / Android device: iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

Netflix App is not available on your Mac, you can use your mobile devices such as the iPhone , the iPad or Android device that supports the Netflix app to download and distribute streaming content. You can easily download Netflix content on one of these platforms and broadcast it using a streaming service.

This is a fairly simple method to download and watch Netflix content on your Mac, although this may not be as convenient as downloading on your Mac computer itself.

3. Use the screenshot

Although Netflix takes steps to prevent users from attacking, this is a risky method that you can take to download Netflix content. Basically, all you need is a screen capture software for your Mac and the broadcast of the entire movie or television series.

Saving Netflix content, however, carries enormous risks because capturing and retaining it might work well, but distributing content downloaded with other people is illegal .

We do not recommend it, but if you really want the downloaded content from Netflix for Mac , you can do it.

Popular Screen Capture Software for Mac

Here is a list of screenshot apps that you can use on your Mac when capturing from Netflix:

OBS Studio
QuickTime Player

If you want other software, you can find them on the Internet. This software helps you download Netflix content on Mac .

Final verdict

Although Netflix is ​​not yet available as a Macbook app , you can stream it using the Netflix website . When it comes to downloading content, this could be a bit of a nuisance for Mac users, but we’ve provided you with the best way to do it.

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