Netflix Party | How to Use to Join Friends?

The social detachment experienced in recent days has made many people used to being in groups watching films or series, looking for a new way to do it without having to leave their homes.

Netflix Party | How to Use to Join Friends?
Netflix Party | How to Use to Join Friends?

Netflix Party | How to Use to Join Friends?

This alternative in relation toNetflix, is the Netflix Party that we had already presented on our website. With it, through an extension in Chrome, it is possible to watch content at the same time as friends.

But how does it work?

You and your friends will have to log into their own Netflix accounts , and after choosing a movie or series to watch, the extension will sync playback across accounts, so that everyone can watch the video at the same time on their own accounts.

In addition to the video, Netflix Party also has a chat option on the side of the browser, as in other live streaming services.

To create a “party” with friends, just follow these steps:

  1. Download the extension;
  2. Open Netflix and play the chosen video;
  3. The extension icon should change from gray to red;
  4. Click on it;
  5. Choose the option “Start a Party” (it will also be possible to have full control of the “party”);
  6. It will be displayed or window with a link to share with friends;
  7. The extension will provide an icon for each user that can be customized.

How to join a “party” already created:

  1. Enter the link sent by the friend;
  2. Click on the Netflix Party icon.

Thus you can create the netflix party. If you have any issue, comment us in the comment box.

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