Netflix VR App On IPhone / IPad – Installation Guide

Netflix VR app: Netflix is one of the first choices of all movie lovers. It is one of the most popular entertainment services that includes a large database of movies and TV shows.

Netflix VR app on iPhone / iPad - Installation Guide
Netflix VR app on iPhone / iPad – Installation Guide

You can also watch the best quality services and original Netflix videos. Another best thing about this is that you can use the Netflix VR app on the iPhone. VR really lets you enjoy 3D visuals with 360-degree images.

In addition, it automatically makes you feel like you’re in the movie. Using theNetflix VR app on iPhone is one of the most exciting ways to watch movies. It will take you in the movement of the image. And, you can really appreciate the real feeling and the fun of the movie you are watching.

Netflix VR app on iPhone / iPad Download Guide

It’s one of the best sources for watching movies with a very realistic feel. Here in this content, we will provide you with a detailed tutorial on how to download Netflix VR Application to iPhone. I hope this will surely help you a lot to understand the various aspects of it. You will also get a user guide.

It gives you the real feeling of watching a movie in the theater because of the reason for virtual reality. If you are still not aware that how to get Netflix VR Application on iPhone; Here we will explain to you in detail so that you can really enjoy the fun of watchingNetflix virtual reality movies for free.

The only things you need to have for this are the iOS streamer app, VR glasses, an iPhone device, a Netflix account for connection and a working internet connection, that’s it.

What is virtual reality?

VR stands for virtual reality. It is one of the oldest technologies that was introduced some twenty years ago and which allows users to feel the movement on the screen very closely. And, in fact, you feel as if you are part of this virtual world and therefore named so.

It overlays the image so you can enjoy the feeling of 360-degree viewing. You will feel like you are in the movies. Virtual reality includes the Netflix VR Application on iPhone, a VR headset, an iOS device, and a Netflix account, that’s all. Just get this app on your device now and enjoy the feeling of watching movies with better picture quality.

How to use Netflix on the iPhone?

All you need to have is to download and install Netflix VR App on iPhone and get ready with your VR headset to improve the thunder of watching movies a lot more. Using Netflix VR Videos on iPhone is not a big deal, which is very difficult to pin down.

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed this wonderful application on your device; just follow the step-by-step procedure for easy use.

  • Just make sure the Netflix VR iOS app has been successfully installed on your iPhone.
  • Once done, opt for the option to install the Gear VR app on your iPhone to get more excitement and fun while watching movies on it.
  • Another one that you need to add on your iPhone in order to watch movies using Netflix VR from your device is Oculus Rift.
  • In addition to these entire apps, you also need to have a Netflix iPhone VR headset, so enjoy the incredible experience of watching movies. It is one of the must to have an accessory for Netflix VR which is quite capable of taking you on tours of the real world with better image resolution and better sound effects.

Download Netflix VR iPhone App

Since you may be familiar with the fact that Netflix is ​​not available on the App Store; therefore, to watch Netflix on iPhone VR, you need to jailbreak your device which can seriously harm the security of your device. In order to avoid such threats, you can use the iOS emulator on your device.

Just click on your favorite movie that you really want to enjoy to continue with the process. Hopefully, this source will surely resolve your request, to use Netflix on the iPhone VR.

How to watch VR movies on Netflix?

It becomes much easier with the help of the Netflix VR Application on iPhone for watching videos. The application allows you to enjoy 3D visuals with 360-degree images. How to watch Netflix on iPhone VR is one of the most asked questions among iPhone users. To enjoy the real feeling of watching movies easily on your device, you need to know its answer.

First of all, you need to deeply understand what the VR-Streamer app is and how it works? VR-Streamer app is a wonderful app that lets you enjoy the enhanced experience of getting 3D views on your device.

In combination with the VR-Streamer server, it allows you to transfer the image of a game or movie that is played on a Windows computer to your iOS device. You can easily enhance the enjoyment of watching movies with Netflix VR using VR glasses.

To improve your movie-watching experience on Netflix VR cardboard iPhone, you should also add another special plugin called OpenTrack. It allows you to watch movies without any disturbance.

It sends the sensor signals and data to the VR streamer server from the Netflix VR Application on iPhone which will then be used to determine where your iOS device is in the air and how to turn the data on.

Please follow the step by step procedure in order to watch Netflix VR iPhone easily from your iOS device.

  • Download and install the VR streamer app on your iOS device and the VR streamer server on your Windows PC.
  • Once successfully completed; Just download the OpenTrack plugin and install it on your iOS device.
  • Now open the VR streamer server on your Windows computer system.
  • Now click on the “Start Server” option. Then choose the “Notepad Process” option from the selection list provided to you.
  • If you are using Windows 7, check the option of Windows 7 or older.
  • Now just save the configured settings to save them for a new profile.
  • Once you’re done with simply click on the “Start Server” option, then launch VR Streamer Netflix VR on iPhone.
  • Tap “Connect to Server” to start the streaming process onNetflix iPhone VR movies.
  • Click on “Connect to the server”, you see a Windows screen appeared on your iPhone.
  • Prepare your VR headset and select your iPhone in your pocket; Enjoy the unlimited fun of watching Netflix on iPhone VR.

In the event that you experience a problem viewing movies on your iOS device with clarity; you can go to change the IPD setting from “0” to “600” for better image quality.


Hope, you have answered how to view Netflix on iPhone VR to a large extent. In the content, we have provided you with the detailed procedure of all aspects of the Netflix VR Application on the iPhone. Just get this amazing app now on your device.

Then, enjoy the unlimited pleasure of watching movies with improved image quality and resolution as well as 3D effects. For more things you want to know, you can try.

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